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Reactor is the channel of YouTuber David Richter, aka Reactor, which purports to be a high-quality reaction channel for reacting to videos, sharing vlogs, committing robbery, making other YouTubers look like zoophiles...

In reality, Reactor is a satire of cookie-cutter lazy content that follows the life of "escaped convict" David Richter. What once started as David simply watching content while bringing nothing to the table evolved into a found-footage style comedy featuring David participating in illegal acts in broad daylight. The channel can be found here. Not to be confused with the similarly named channel The Reactor.


Tropes applying to Reactor:

  • Characterization Marches On: At first, Richter's character was just a bland, talentless guy who did nothing funny with an occasional prank. After he supposedly escaped from prison, he then became a corrupt criminal who blatantly commits crimes out in the open while taking advantage of his viewers.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: The title of this video, "H3H3 EXPOSED! Ethan Klein's an Illegal Criminal?"
  • Exact Words: One of the vlog clickbait titles says that Richter was able to make a ton of money with a simple trick. This is true, but only because robbery is not a difficult concept to wrap one's head around.
  • Found Footage: The channel style shifted into one of these for the "Reactor Vlogs", which feature him videotaping himself while committing crimes.
  • Retool: Started out by making Stealth Parody reaction videos, but according to his friend Mumkey, Richter was getting bored with how he was making the same things over and over again, so he turned it into a much more absurd and outwardly comedic Found Footage channel about a criminal that badly hides what he does.
  • Take That!:
    • Reactor started out as a Stealth Parody of reaction videos, featuring Richter watching videos while making completely inane commentary.
    • "How to Grow a Youtube Channel" calls out GradeAUnderA for his obsession with drama on YouTube and his need to milk it for all it's worth.
    • In a video mocking the bland reactions of other reaction channels, Richter "watches" another video, but the whole time he's replaced by a single still image of him just staring at the screen.


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