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Pro Gamer Gauntlet was a 2011 Web Original series recently hosted at The Escapist. It follows the story of the employees of the titular company and its newest FPS Master, Laura who, (in)appropriately enough, dresses up like a certain Lara Croft (though she quickly ditches the outfit).

Pro Gamer Gauntlet, the company, specializes in training gamers through personal trainers called Game Masters. They currently have eleven Masters, one for each of the following genres: First-Person Shooter, Racing Games, Real-Time Strategy, Platformer, Survival Horror, Role-Playing Games, Fighting Games, Sports Games, Puzzle Games, MMORPG and their current team leader Retro Gaming. They also have a non-Game Master employee, IT, who manages their technological equipment, and forcedly does household chores. Their actual competence as personal gaming trainers, and as employees and team workers in general, remains questionable (perhaps with the exception of Platformer and Puzzle) and has lead their company in some sort of Perpetual Poverty in terms of clients.


The show features, and plays with, many tropes relating to Video Gaming. Most of the character design is based on cliches and stereotypes pertaining to each of the characters' corresponding video game genre. Speaking of which, the show focuses mainly on the personalities and interpersonal relationships of the characters in the show.

It can be watched here

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  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Invoked. Horror doesn't get paid for his job, he's only there because he enjoys it. Though part of his job was just being generally creepy.

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