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"I hate making fun of Ultra games, but they make it so easy!"
PlayItBogart on Roller Games for the NES

PlayItBogart (known as IndianaBelmont) is a game reviewer that spawned shortly after The Angry Video Game Nerd hits the scene for game review. PiB, for short, has started off with his Hydlide review, along with a couple of other videos, where it was more of a vlog rant for half the video. Then he'd later hit big with his Rollergames review (as quoted above) as an angry reviewer. He has later made attempts to be much less and less angry and reduce the amount of swearing and has at times been extra creative in his reviews, just as his Track & Field II and Metal Gear reviews. He has also made several different videos mostly for laughs.


PiB has made quite an impact as an underdog game reviewer to the point of having his reviews archived after his youtube channel was closed. Speaking of which, after his channel got closed over a parody video (game play of GTAIV had something to do with it), he would move onto Revver for a short time, having reedited some of his reviews to fit the fifteen minute format, before that website later went under. PiB has returned to YouTube under the name IndianaBelmont and reuploaded some of his videos (though in some cases, not the original versions) and seems to be here to stay this time.

PiB happens to be an American Football fan, to the point of owning lots of different football games, including those by EA Sports and 2K Games. He even did a review of the NES football games during the 2007 Super Bowl.


You may access his youtube page here.

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