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The main cast

Plan V is an Argentinian web-series about a group of four lesbians and how they manage their life. The title is a pun between a "plan B" and the lesbian V sign note 

It begins when Lorena falls in love with a woman she bump into on the subway, only to discover a few moments later that she was no other than her sweet-brother's girlfriend. The thing is that this girl might have feelings for her as well, making the situation a little bit messy.

The rest of the cast include Flor, a Lovable Sex Maniac; Mara, a Clingy Jealous Girl; Pato, her butch girlfriend; their boss (who is also Pato's brother) and Dario,their co-worker. In case you haven't noticed, this is a text-book example of Cast Full of Gay, where every character is either gay or blood-related to the main cast.


The series can be watched on YouTube HERE. French and Portuguese subtitles can be chosen for the first season, and English for the first and second one.

This series provides examples of:

  • Butch Lesbian - Pato (to some extend) and the taxi driver.
  • Cast Full of Gay - there has yet to appear an straight character who is not somehow related to a gay person. There is only one exception, and he was a Jerkass.
  • Camp Gay - their co-worker. During a moment of rage, he is even called "a fag".
  • Sibling Triangle - But for an strange reason only the main character seems to think about his brother. Everyone else thinks it's perfectly fine for her to steal her brother's girlfriend.
  • Word Salad Title - There is an episode called '"Afro-Latino 2005 with a vibrating dildo"'note .

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