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"What happens when you give a group of cosplayers sugar and a camera? PARLE!"
"Making a fool out of ourselves for your entertainment!"

Parlé Productions is a group of cosplayers from the UK active from 2007 to early 2017, when the group disbanded. Originally started by the cosplayer couple Jack (now a member of NyxRising Industries) and Kellyjane, the group grew from a group of cosplay loving friends to a source of hilarious webshows worshipped by a lot of fans of Kingdom Hearts, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy VII, and many other fandoms.


Their official site can be found here and their official YouTube channel here. (All of the group's old videos are still available, but new content is no longer being posted.)

The group produced the following shows: (Note: an * means that beside the normal episodes, there are also other short videos with the same characters, like short sketches and special extras.)

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    Parle In Real Life 
     Demyx Time & The Sora Show 
     Shinra Files 

     The Marauders 
     Stuck In Savannah & Keith How Do 
     Some Assembly Required 

This page is under major construction. Please go watch all of their videos while tropers scour the fora of the internet for a few Parle-fans and/or -stalkers to employ.


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