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It's been said that if you DON'T watch Pandora Hearts Abridged, the cast sends Break to stare at you as you try to fall asleep.

Xerxes Break: The Fourth Wall just broke again, didn't it?
Vincent Knightray: Who cares? I'm FINALLY in the series and I get to use my scissors! Oh isn't it just mar~velous?
Echo: End episode. (Cuts to Black)
Xerxes Break: Ahh!... Really wish I could do that!
Pandora Hearts Abridged, "Episode 10"

Pandora Hearts Abridged, by megasupermatt, is an abridged series centered around the anime, Pandora Hearts. As of May 2011, he has removed all but his first episode from his main channel and moved them to 'PandoraHeartsAbridged', which focuses exclusively on the abridged series.

From the time he first began parodying Pandora Hearts, early on in 2010, to now, 'megasupermatt' has gone through quite a number of casting changes and such; leaving Raven/Gilbert and Oscar as the only characters of the series with their voices consistent from beginning to end. Though some have left for varying reasons, the only voice-actor who left unceremoniously was 'SoraDante666' (who has since changed his name to 'finalpalerider66') due to... "creative" differences, so to speak. As of now, the cast is being voiced by:


- megasupermatt : Raven/Gil, and Oscar

- Emma360: Alice

- UltimaSaviorDragon: Oz, and Cheshire

- Traffic9991: Break, and Vincent

- HanonVoice: Sharron

- ShadowDragons4ever: Echo

- TheAnimeWatcher0: Liam

- penelopeclearwater77: Philip, and Lottie

- Lunaticluna1224: White Rabbit

Tropes: Because adding tropes to a page is the kind of thing kids are into these days

  • Acceptable Targets: Vincent, oh you psychotic Manchild, how can we stay mad at you?
  • Action Girl: Alice (when she's not sitting atop of her box throne of course).
  • Actor Allusion: You get the feeling that the guys doing this series aren't always acting... And that's terrifying!
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  • Adaptational Badass: When Raven finds his gun after the white rabbit spins around Oz for about an hour.
  • Ascended Extra: Echo gets a standing ovation when she appears in episode 10, despite her minor role in the actual anime.
  • Attention Whore: As Vincent has made it more than clear that he's PISSED about his diminishing screentime.
  • Ax-Crazy: As of now, this is any character voiced by Traffic9991.
  • The Reveal: In episode eight, in the most ANTICLIMACTIC way possible!
    Red-Hooded Woman: Don't you remember me? I was the one who took over your body 10 years ago, in the first few episodes... GILBERT NIGHTRAY! Tee~Hee [[Sting (Cue Shocked Looks)]].
    Oz: Oh shut up! I already knew!
  • Shoot the Dog: The very first joke from their very first episode.