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Our host in his natural mood.

Phillip Pickard, better known as Midnight Phil, was an internet personality who wrote, voice acted and blogged. However, he was mainly known for hosting a Video Review Show which focused mainly on Hard Rock bands such as Van Halen, Aerosmith and many others. Despite being a Caustic Critic at times, he could be very positive and praise the works he was reviewing. He's was also extremely hyper and over the top in his videos.

However due to ongoing Real Life issues with his career and housing situation, he posted in November 2013 that he was going on indefinite hiatus but hoped to return at an unspecified future date. Since then no new updates have been forthcoming, his website has been parked, his video channel vanished when was shut down, his Twitter no longer exists and his Face Book fan page has also been taken down. For all practical purposes he has vanished from the internet and no archive of his work has been found.




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