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Mayne Street is a series of short films on starring Kenny Mayne as his utterly clueless on-air persona. It follows the hilarious misadventures of Kenny and his crew, ranging from faking a live broadcast from the Beijing Olympics to mangling the concept of Product Placement to a really bizarre take on the old "not wearing pants behind the desk" gag. It's scheduled for a run of fifteen episodes.


Tropes contained here are:

  • Character as Himself—Kenny Mayne and the other SportsCenter anchors. A few other celebrities occasionally pop up to cameo as themselves, too.
  • Citizenship Marriage—after an accident during the faked Beijing shoot (episode 7) ended with the crew taking what turned out to be an illegal immigrant to the ER, the Video Cowboy ends up marrying her. The bonus footage of episode 8 is particularly funny, as the "couple" is arguing in marriage counseling despite not speaking the same language.
  • Double Entendre—"Hey, I love your balls"—the Video Cowboy, to an ad rep from Top-Flite golf balls.
  • Dumb Is Good—Kenny.
  • Pixellation—As mentioned in the intro to this article, the fifth episode, "Five Minutes To SportsCenter", has Kenny unexpectedly called upon to do the tease for SportsCenter, a job that requires him to get out from behind the desk. He's not wearing any pants. Thinking quickly as the show was about to go live, the Cowboy took off his own pants to give to Kenny. Apparently, he was going commando that day. And, yes, this was when he gave the line to the golf ball rep.
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  • Product Placement—Played with within the show in episode 2: "Louie's Original", and in "Five Minutes To SportsCenter. Also, each episode begins with Kenny Mayne doing a little intro before the commercial. They have a grand total of one commercial for the entire run of the series. Not one sponsor—one commercial. It can get a little grating after awhile.
  • Super Bowl Special—episode 9 features a cameo by none other than Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.

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