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Madd Man is a a web series created by brothers Anthony and John Maddaloni, parodying extreme sports and stunts shows. In each episode, John plays a fictionalized version of himself, an egotistical extreme stunts enthusiast who announces to the camera that he's going to do some awesome stunt, and then promptly make a fool of himself in the process. The episodes are notably brief, but all the funnier for their brevity.


Naturally, the series is on YouTube.

This series contains examples of:

  • Jump the Shark - Referenced in the title card at the end of the first episode: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Jumped The Shark On The First Episode".
  • Le Parkour - John spends a lot of the first season doing what he fancies to be this, specifically in Episode 2. Naturally, it's hysterical.
  • Mundane Made Awesome - The central concept behind the show and the personality of its main character, hand in hand with Stylistic Suck
  • Recurring Extra - The girl in the green hoodie has a habit of showing up randomly in various episodes. note 


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