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Lilium -Sims 2 (or just Lilium as the video calls it) is a short The Sims 2 machinima. It tells a tale of a wealthy isolated family circa 1900 and a taboo attraction between the two siblings.

Isis and Horitio are two siblings who live in the woods with their father. They live in seclusion and, as a result, the two have always been very close. As the duo age, Isis begins feeling attracted to her brother. Their father notices this and decides to put an end to it. His children are of marrying age and so it's now time to introduce them to their future spouses. In come the siblings Estella and Baltazar, who Isis and Horitio's father had arranged to be their spouses. While Estella and Horitio fall in love easily, Iris and Baltazar's relationship is not nearly as comfortable, Iris loves her brother too much and Baltazar is a brutish, abusive husband. Ultimately, after years apart, Isis visits her brother again. It doesn't end well for any of them.


This video provides examples of:

  • Arranged Marriage: As kids, Isis and Horitio were arranged to marry another set of siblings named Estella and Baltazar.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Isis is attracted to her brother Horitio. He initially is reciprocal to Isis' advances, but after meeting Estella he realizes how wrong the attraction is. Horitio is attracted to her, but he blames her for his feelings and pushes her away.
  • Death of a Child: Isis murders her niece due to her jealousy towards Estella.
  • Domestic Abuse:
    • Isis is forced into marrying Baltazar. Their marriage is unhappy and Baltazar is physically abusive. At the end of the video he strikes her and leaves her for dead.
    • According to the beginning, Estella and Baltazar's father abused their mother.
  • Downer Ending: Both Iris and her niece have been murdered by the end of the story.
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  • Evil Uncle: Iris is jealous of her niece and resents her. This results in her murdering her.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Both Estella and her unnamed daughter have blonde hair. Estella feels no malice towards Isis and is sweet in all her scenes. Her daughter is depicted as an innocent child as well.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Both Estella and her daughter have bright blue eyes, befitting their lighthearted portrayals.
  • Marriage Before Romance: Horitio was arranged to marry Estella as children. When they meet as teens, Horitio is initially in love with his sister. He pushes aside his feelings and marries Estella due to obligation. Eventually the two fall mutually in love.
  • Missing Mom: Isis and Horitio's mother is heavily implied to be deceased.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Estella looks exactly like her mother. In turn, Estela's daughter looks like a younger version of herself.
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