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Kyle Norty is a YouTuber who reviews movies and TV, along with the occasional miscellaneous thing. He has a few series that have different types of subjects, but are typically reviewed in a similar way.

These series include:

  • Film Exaggeration: He looks at films that were either critically praised or panned to see if they are worthy of the hype
  • NDTV: He looks at Direct To Video Movies
  • Kid's Are Smarter than This: Reviews of bad episodes of good shows aimed at kids
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  • Norty Defends: He defends movies he likes from other reviewers on the internet. (This one is currently Semi-Retired)
  • Norty's Forgotten Flicks: A look at films that he thinks don't get enough credit or attention.
  • Peeking at the Pilots: Hosted on his 2nd channel, he looks at pilot episodes of shows he’s never seen to see how they work as a first impression
  • Pop Riffs: He riffs on pop songs/music videos

His main YouTube channel is located here. and his 2nd channel is here


Tropes relating to Kyle Norty:

  • April Fools' Day: He does one each year since 2014
    • 2014: He pretended to defend The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure from ’Cinematic Excrement
    • 2015: He reviewed a short film he made.
    • 2016: He did a pop riffs on a cover of Video Killed the Radio Star by a group he calls the Kidz Bop of the 80’s.
    • 2017: He reviewed the previously lost Clerks pilot
    • 2018: He reviewed a short featured on the DVD for Joshua and the Promised Land
    • 2019: He reviews the Dingo Pictures Balto movie, claiming he is covering Balto 3.
    • 2020: He looks at the strange novelization of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
    • 2021: He reviewed a Christan scare film about Harry Potter promoting witchcraft.
  • Author Appeal: Discusses in his Top 10 Movies of 2017 video that he likes syncing music to video, so Baby Driver was basically porn for him.
  • Berserk Button: He really dislikes the “speed up and slow down” style of some action movies, especially when it’s used in Wanted. He also dislikes the Workaholic Dad and “Teacher who rewards no effort” cliches.
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  • Crossover: He did one over on The Movie Doctorful's channel on Trick 'r Treat.
  • Running Gag:
    • The tendency for the things he reviews to have characters with bad French accents.
  • Silly Song: He concludes his Disaster Movie review the only way he knows how: Badly signing a parody of a Ke$ha song.
  • Something Completely Different: One Top 10 Video was on the worst videos from a YouTube chanel that covers politics. This was followed up a year later with a similar list on Prager U.


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