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'Jack and Dean Of All Trades' is a web series that ran from 2016 to 2018 that follows the misadventures of two young men, Jack and Dean, who, after an impulse decision from Dean to quit their well-paid jobs at the bank, decide to join a temp agency.

Each episode shows them trying their hand at a New Job as the Plot Demands and managing to screw it up in various ways - even as something as simple as painting the office wall.



  • Acting Out a Daydream: Happens twice in 'Painters' - once with Jack, daydreaming about Emma and managing to paint a red heart with Emma's name written inside and once with Dean, daydreaming about performing a musical number. The last one is averted as it turns out that actually happened, complete with Chorus Girls.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: First seen in the episode ‘Painters’ where, during a flashback of Jack at a clothes store, Jack looks towards the camera and says, “This is a stupid flashback.”
  • Childhood Friends: Shown to be friends since they were young, and have seemed to remain friends throughout their life, even though Jack's parents forbade Dean from ever being friends with Jack when they were younger.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin!: Bread becomes this for Dean in 'Bakers'.
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  • New Job as the Plot Demands: Each episode follows them bumbling and stumbling(mainly Dean, with Jack desperately trying to keep control) through a new job that's been assigned to them by Marv.
  • Spontaneous Choreography: Occurs once a season.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Jack and Dean fall into this role, as per usual.


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