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Coffee and scripts

It Happens is an upcoming Web Original series created by Annie Ravoire and inspired by LGBT themed shows like Sugar Rush and The L Word. Ravoire and writing partner Ellie Massey set out to write an LGBT drama for people their own age (around sixteen, seventeen) struggling with their sexuality and that shows LGBT people not in a "Better Light" but certainly a more normal one.

Filmed on location in Sheffield It Happens follows six young friends, Ethical Slut Kat, her brother Charlie, who has a crush on Chris, Lola the Team Mom, Alpha Bitch Anna and Jake as they get into problems involving Ex's Love Triangles, sleeping around, trust issues and rocky relationships.

The series will consist of 12 episodes that'll be uploaded on their Youtube Channel ranging from five to fifteen minutes in length coming at some point in 2013.


Updates on the show can be found on tumblr, facebook and Twitter

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