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Web Video / Golden Blond and Jet Black

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Golden Blond and Jet Black is a manip fanvid that pairs together Rapunzel from Tangled with Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

Rapunzel and Mavis are two different girls who have grown up with overprotective fathers who won't let them leave their home. On their eighteen birthdays, both sneak out so that they can go outside. While out, the two end up meeting. Mavis agrees to take Rapunzel to see the Floating Lights. This leads to them falling in love.


When their fathers notice that they're missing and go out to find them, it's revealed that their dads are mortal enemies. They try to tear their daughters apart, but Mavis and Rapunzel won't allow it. In the end, Pitch and Sandman reconcile and their daughters hook up.

This video provides examples of: