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Giopp Dumister is a Let's Player, along with a reviewer and editor. If you are looking for his Let's Play page, go here.

Giopp Dumister is primarily a reviewer and a game player, but does edited videos and (recently) reactions to famous videos and recommendations.

Giopp Dumister's Reviews/Reactions


  • Actually Pretty Funny: States this word-for-word during the first part of his "Dick Figures" reaction and states that series has a few funny moments and that they're "spread far and between".
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Has stated in one of his reviews himself that he is ADHD.
  • Bad Boss: Played for Laughs. His ex-assistant - Nick the Dick - would often insult him and Giopp once ended the video with him picking up a blunt instrument and threatening Nick.
  • Berserk Button: Seems to have a few outside of the video game world. One of his biggest one, as evidenced by his reactions to "Nigga Turtles" and "Dick Figures", seems to be overly stupid plots and things meant to be funny (but aren't).
    • Another one seems to be plot devices that don't make sense. A prime example is how Supernatural's Soul Survivor ends, which has him angrily questioning how it works, bringing back past fights that would provide evidence of why the ending wouldn't work.
    • Seems to have a huge problem with Kick the Dog, shown in his Part One reaction of "Dick Figures".
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  • Friend to All Living Things: Clearly doesn't like seeing animals killed.
  • Pet the Dog: Loves the underdogs and often feels bad for people being beaten up by the world who don't deserve such treatment. The prime example being his reactions to Blue's life in "Dick Figures".

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