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Panda: What do I do in my videos?
Masako X: Uh...well,
Panda: Exactly. I do "Well-uh-you-see-uh-ooh-uh-ooh-ah".
— From the Monty Python and the Holy Grail review.

Sad Panda's other strange show (formerly) on Channel Awesome. As outlined in the first episode, he tries to review movies that he hasn't seen in along time and doesn't quite remember well. This being Sad Panda, the results tend to be...weird does not even begin to cover it.

It shares several elements with Sad Panda Q&A, such as the surreal humor, random non sequiturs, and a plethora of Take Thats against Welshy. But he probably got it wrong, so Forget About It.

This series contains the following tropes: