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My name is Cloud, I have a sword...

An abridged series of the nerve-twistingly popular seventh entry in the Final Fantasy series. Created by cloudstrife8 (who would later go on to make Resident Evil Abridged), the series follows the adventures of one upstanding ex-soldier, a sharpshooting terrorist leader, a sweet childhood friend, a flower girl from the slums, a ninja from a far away land, a fortune-teller from a theme park, one genius pilot, and an emo who slept in a basement for the past few decades.


The series is notable for the ability to avoid the infamous Schedule Slip for the most part. A new episode or special feature was released every month or two, and the series finally ended on August 2014 with 19 episodes.

Watch the series from the start right here!

Not to be confused with Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged by Team Four Star.

Now has begun on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children the first part of which is found here

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