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Ezra The Series is a self described cringe comedy series produced on the youtube channel EzraTheChannel formerly "3zraLive" beginning officially in 2015, despite some odd earlier videos that are technically canon.

Centered around the titular character Ezra, it began as a vlog series mostly complaining about various pieces of internet culture, sometimes with a small skit accompanying it. However, over time it expanded into a Filthy Frank-esque universe featuring numerous bizarre and confusing plots and an expanding cast of characters.


Ezra The Series provides examples of...

Note: This is currently a work in progress.

  • Crapsack World - The "Ezraverse" is definitely this.
  • Loose Canon - "A Night On The Town" videos can definitely be described as this, as well as the "Father and Son" videos.
  • Terrible Trio - The No Pants Police.

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