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Ender Pixel is a YouTube channel with Let's Plays, Vlogs, Songs, etc. The regular series are LOL, EQUESTRIA GIRLS: Minecraft Madness, and his let's plays.About 2 years after that, he reset his entire channel because he says "All of it was way too sucky." He is now working on a 2nd Ender Pixel: The Collection (1-4 hour long videos that are just stuff that he never uploaded), some animations, and a sketch show called The Timecube Internet Skit or Sketch Show (T.I.S.S.S)



  • Accidental Hero: T.G.W.I.T.M.C.I.L.O.L became a hero by Ender stopping the trolls just by not uploading a LOL video in a long time. So now T.G.W.I.T.M.C.I.L.O.L, his own character has to go to a death filled adventure.
  • Action Genre Hero Guy Inverted with That Guy Who Is The Main Character In LOL. (yes, that is his actual name) He has never done an adventure, and he is wimpy, sucks at being a hero, and he does not have any of the traits of a cool guy.
  • All for Nothing: After waiting 1 whole year for LOL 5 part 3, it finally comes out. But of course, after a month of being uploaded, he resets his entire channel.
  • Alternate Universe: The LOL 5 Part 2 world, from the black area to the end, it was all found in a portal. ( and the rest too )
  • Appeal to Obscurity: Ender himself admits he will never become famous because of his broken mic.
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  • Applied Phlebotinum: The Portal, the mine, the Cheba Hut, The car, The Bus, Basically any object in LOL 5 parts 1 and 2.
  • Attack of the Killer Whatever: ATTACK OF THE KILLER MICROSOFT!
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: See Accidental Hero.
  • The Generic Guy: T.G.W.I.T.M.C.I.L.O.L was this.
  • The Nondescript:
    • Everybody in LOL 5, except T.G.W.I.T.M.C.I.L.O.L.
    • In EQUESTRIA GIRLS: Minecraft Madness, Every character except Appul Jack Was this.
  • We Interrupt This Program: In the middle of LOL 5, a random player interrupts and goes inside the bus.


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