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E;R’s official description on everything.
The bastard himself.

How to describe E;R...

Take every offensive meme you find on Twitter or 4chan. Put in as much dark humor to offend everyone as much as you can. Then make sure at the core is film analysis not afraid to tell you everything you love is terrible.

That should give you a slight idea of what this channel is.

E;R is an analysis channel without any real unifying theme, mostly just going after films and TV he watches. He’s well known for his deep analysis, slick editing, tackling and subsequent butchering of Sacred Cows, and offensive humor.

Very, very offensive.

Enter at your own risk.

Not to be confused with ER.


Tropes applying to and discussed by E;R.

  • Accentuate the Negative: The conceit of the whole channel. His videos are written and purposed to dress down their subject matter as cuttingly and abrasively as possible, re-framing them as the worst of the worst in scripted entertainment in brutal contrast to the penchant of popular journalism and fandom to glowingly pedestal them as the greatest. Notable targets include The Legend of Korra, the Disney Star Wars movies (particularly the sequel trilogy), and Life Is Strange.
  • Black Comedy: Anywhere anybody else would stop, he just drives at full speed.
  • Caustic Critic: Taken Up to Eleven. None of his videos contain a single wholly positive review, and he can accurately be said to epitomize YouTube video essayists' reputation for falling into this trope.
  • Expanded Universe: Notes that at times, this isn't always a good things and less can be more in some cases, as this can take away the mystique of some aspects of storytelling, and make them feel bland and dime-a-dozen. Examples are mostly from The Legend of Korra, with lightningbending and metalbending once being special traits due to rare firebenders like Azula and a Disability Superpower for Toph now being avaliable to everybody, and making it seem the characters in the past are simple weaklings in comparison.
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  • Hidden Depths: Beneath the crass, boundary crossing, and shocking humor he displays, E;R can genuinely enjoy certain pieces of media he believes deserves it and can give some credit to things he hates. (Even if that credit does evaporate rather quickly.)
  • Mary Sue: Discussed throughout his videos, most notably on Star Wars. E;R notes that most attempts at making them not Mary Sues is that rather than make them believably flawed in any way, the characters tend to simply get weak justifications for their perfections, only to suddenly pick up an Idiot Ball when the plot calls for it. He also notes that this doesn't often apply to Gary Stus, not because they're male, but because they can simply keep doing awesome things while still having some form of a struggle.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In-Universe. His Steven Universe video notes that Pearl deceiving Garnet into fusing and subsequent attempts to talk her down make the situation sound like rape by deception.
  • Shout-Out: In addition to referencing various anime memes and the Third Reich, E;R also mentions this very wiki in several of his videos

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