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"I would tell you a story… a story about Time."
Doctor Who: The Movie is a Doctor Who movie created as an educational project by the Welsh school of Pen-y-Bryn in 2019. Thanks to the help of the charity Bobarth Wales, the film boasts impressive production value and, most notably, the presence of Sylvester McCoy himself on the cast, with his Seventh Doctor serving as as the omnipresent narrator.

The films stars a new incarnation of the Doctor played by Ieuan Morgans, the placement of whom in the Doctor's timeline is resoundingly ignored, although the Seventh Doctor speaks about him in the past tense. At any rate, he and his companion Lucy (no relation) find themselves running after the Master and his unwilling apprentice Jodie (no relation either) across Time and Space as the Master zips about from timezone to timezone, wreaking havoc and collecting mechanical parts to repair his failing body. As such, The Chase is the clearest influence on the film, but most every setting the characters visit is itself a homage to a Doctor Who episode past, like a visit to the Library in the 51st century or a tearful goodbye to a companion on a beach. You can watch it here.

No relation to the canon TV movie starring Paul McGann.


Doctor Who: The Movie provides examples of:

  • Alas, Poor Villain: Despite his having shown no sympathetic (or even campily likable) trait in the entire movie, the Master's quiet, resigned, bitter death, with his walking away to die and the Doctor letting him because he knows full well the Master wouldn't accept his death, is quite a heavy, forlorn moment.
  • The Apprentice: Jodie is enthralled by the Master's hypnotic powers and made to become his apprentice.
  • Hero of Another Story: The movie ends with the Doctor delivering her late father's last message to a young girl called Lara, at Croft Manor. Yes.
  • Out of Continues: The Master has once again reached the end of his regeneration cycle and is clinging on to his last, failing body.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: The Doctor and Lucy spend most of the movie arriving just too late, defeating the monster left behind in this or that timezone by the Master only to realize that he has already moved on to the next one. Since two or three of the locations are in fact castles, the Doctor even gets to say "According to my time readings, he's in another castle", thus not only playing this trope straight, but even almost verbatim!