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At the height of the Victorian Age a strange asteroid crossed the orbit of our planet. While it didn't collide with it, Earth was caught in the meteor storm that followed. The End of the World as We Know It ensued. Islands in the sky and odd animals appeared.

Now, almost a thousand years After the End, civilization has scrambled itself back together: steampower, medicine, architecture and politics flourish. Having figured out the secrets of the aetherite, humanity took to the sky as explorers, colonists, miners, exiles and pirates.


The current year 997 is a turbulent one. With dissent among the Royal League, the expansionist policy of Empire of Rabasa and the Abrahamic Auctoritas being replaced by odd new faiths, like the Cult of Cthulhu, adventure is inescapable in these Dirigible Days.

The Dirigible Days series consists of five web original live-action episodes and a continuation comic book that introduces new characters and a new mission.

Features voiceover narration by Anthony Daniels.

Crowdfunded. For more information, see the official website at:


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