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Adam (Also known as Diamondbolt) is an Australian YouTuber who mostly revolves around making content about TV shows, video games, and movies. Before this he also made "Ruined Forevers" and Q&As, but mostly did Transformers videos. You can watch his videos Here.

The Diamondbolt Channel was created on the 29th of September 2014 and his first video was a test video uploaded the same day titled 'Legendary Pokémon List'. His first Transformers related video was uploaded 8th of November 2014 and was titled 'Transformers: Different Continuity Appearances Part 1'. Most of his content after this would either be Ruined Forevers or Transformers content. After about 3 years of making content, he decided to make more non-Transformers videos.

His current content is mostly about Movies, TV, Video Games, and all types of pop culture. Most of it being from the 2000s. In late 2018, he and his friend George (DaggaDK) formed a channel known as "Button Smashers".


He first showed his face on his 6th Q&A Video, and has shown it on most videos since.

His Content Consists of:

Reviews and Retrospectives: Him reviewing or summarizing a topic. His main current series.

Ruined Forever: A series where he shows his frustration on a certain topic that has "ruined" a franchise (E.G. Teen Titans GO! or Pacific Rim Uprising). He is no longer doing these and has removed some of them.

Cherished Forever: A series where he shows his love for certain topics. This series is also cancelled, but unlike Ruined Forever, these videos are still up.

[...] Commercials!: A series where Bolt either looks at weird or funny commercials by himself, or looks at cursed commercials with others.

Q&A's: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This series is no longer going on.

Old [...]!: A series where Bolt shows embarrassing or weird things he made as a child.



  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: Uses a Bait and Switch Comment in the Weird Australian Cartoons video while discussing Dirt Girl World, which is infamously known for it's creepy character designs.

    "It's a children's show aimed at teaching kids about gardening. And also that you should have a baseball bat with you while you sleep."

  • Crossover: With ZACHxFULLER for his Alvin and The Chipmunks reviews.

  • Discredited Meme: Adam acknowledges this trope while talking about Mafia City in his "Terrible Game Commercials" video.

    "I don't usually include memes in my videos because they die faster than My views whenever I release a new video."

  • Fanboy: Known for being a big fan of Sonic The Hedgehog, Ben 10, Transformers, and Bionicle among others.

  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: If you pause on his Killer Bean review, Adam's 10 favorite movies are Bionicle: Mask of Light, Garfield, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kittens, The Amazing Bulk, The Emoji Movie, Robots, Citizen Kane, Spy Kids 3-D, Super Mario Bros, and Killer Bean.

  • Genre Shift: Downplayed. Even though he has changed his content from Transformers to General Pop Culture, the content is still mainly reviews.

  • Mobile Phone Game: Adam has two videos dedicated to mobile games that he played as a child.

  • Mockbuster: He reviews many of these, like Metal Man and The Incredible Bulk.

  • Mood Whiplash: Does one in his Weird Australian Cartoons 2 video, going from The Koala Brothers (A very calm and relaxing show) to The Dukes of Broxstonia (A very very high-energy show) in barely any time at all.

  • Never Trust a Trailer: Happens during the Jam Sessions ad during his Terrible Gaming Commercials video, which has a child turn into a huge dick, throw a birthday cake off of a plate, and drop an F bomb, all things to expect in an adult game. Adam points out the game is G rated.
    • Also in both his Slenderman and Bye Bye Man reviews, he points out how most of the stuff in their trailers isn't actually in the final project.

  • New Media Are Evil: Discussed in his "Gaming In The News" video, which shows video games being shone in a bad light from news stations.

  • Nightmare Retardant: In-Universe, Adam seems to find many .EXE Games to be Nightmare Retardent.

  • Self-Deprecation: His main style of humor.

  • Stylistic Suck: Adam shows us how to draw an Erky Perky character, which is literally just a ball with stick legs and hands.

  • Surprise Creepy: Adam talks about surprise creepy being used in video games during his "Scariest Things In Non-Horror Games."

  • Urban Legend of Zelda: His Gaming Myths and Legends video is all about urban legends, even including the Trope Namer.

  • Yes-Man: Played With during the Finders Keepers part of the "Weird Game Shows 2" video.
    Host: This is the house where you can go crazy in the kitchen!
    Audience: Yeah!
    Host: Crunch in the kids room!
    Audience: Yeah!
    Adam: Shit on the floor!
    Audience: YEAH!



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