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Der Disneygang is a parody series, created by Soalric Parker, based on the Hitler Rants YouTube phenomenon. Like its name suggests, it is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover between the entire Disney universe and the characters from the Downfall Parodies. note 

The story of this series starts with Hitler buying the Disney universe from Disney's executives, with the ultimate plan to add Disney to his Reich. After the Nazis take over, the Disney characters are unfortunately all but enslaved by their new overlords. Naturally, they do not approve and try to send a Message in a Bottle as a cry for help. With a little bit of help from Hitler's secretary Traudl, who also can't stand to see her childhood characters being oppressed like this, the bottle finally finds its way into the hands of Hitler's arch nemesis Hermann Fegelein. Fegelein accepts this cry for help and readies himself to instigate a revolution against Hitler, hoping to free Disney from the oppressive clutches of the Nazis.


The story is primarily based on Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt, which the creator has stated to be his inspiration for this series.

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This series features examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: Of the Prince of Egypt. The series features the same plot, in which a chosen one tries to defeat an oppressor, hoping to free an oppressed people. It even recreates song sequences of said movie, gagsubbing them with its own lyrics.
  • Bad Boss: Goebbels becomes this when he is left in charge of the Disney realm. He more or less makes it his job to kick as many dogs as he possibly can. And when called out on it by other Nazi characters, he shouts at them, telling them he is not caring one bit about the Disney characters.
  • Benevolent Boss: Hitler is this of all persons during this series. While his hostile takeover of Disney is portrayed as evil, he does listen to the complaints from the other Nazi generals about Goebbels' cruelty being the cause of the Disney rebellion. In response to this, he even goes as far as wanting to elect a replacement for Goebbels as leader of the Disney realm.
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  • Big Bad: Hitler seems to be this with the ultimate Big Bad being Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.
  • Big Damn Movie: When the episodes are watched back to back, this series certainly has the feel of a Big Damn Movie. The original parodies this is based on are just short random jokes, while this series tells a coherent story about a full scale Nazi invasion of the Disney universe and all of its consequences.
  • Big Good: Hermann Fegelein is the leader of the revolution to free Disney.
  • Black and Gray Morality: Plays out between Hitler and Goebbels. After his hostile takeover of the Disney realm, Hitler genuinely wants the Disney characters to become full fledged German citizens. Goebbels on the other hand sees the Disney characters as nothing more than a cheap source of labor and goes as far as to order soldiers to shoot at Disney characters for singing.
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  • Blatant Lies: After judging Timon and Pumbaa for singing Hakuna Matata, Goebbels tells them they have been judged by an impartial non-cloned jury, despite them obviously being clones of Goebbels.
  • Darker and Edgier: While still being fairly humorous in essence, this series can be fairly dark compared to the original Hitler Rants meme, as Disney characters are depicted being enslaved by the Nazis, with some of them even hanged. Naturally, all of the dead characters revive due to magic and stuff.
  • Darkest Hour: With Goebbels in charge, the Nazis set their sights on other animated universes, like Dreamworks, Hasbro and even Dragonball. According to Word of God, the Nazis take whatever magic or technology resides in the conquered universes, becoming much more powerful with each universe they take over, to the point of even being able to defeat overpowered characters like Goku.
  • Day of the Jackboot: This series has this trope happen to Disneyland. Sadly, it is completely legal this time, as Hitler legally bought the Disney universe.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Goebbels orders his soldiers to open fire at Disney characters for...singing Disney songs.
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set: Done by the good guys this time. Fegelein uses this trope to let everyone know he is starting a revolution, giving hope to the Disney characters and infuriating Hitler.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: Goebbels is this trope, as Hitler puts him in charge of Disneyland, allowing him to do all the cruel oppressing. Goebbels cruelty goes so out of hand that several of the other Nazi generals complain to him that he actually makes the revolution worse. Ultimately, even Hitler decides it is time to replace Goebbels with someone more sensible. This causes Goebbels to snap, betraying and imprisoning Hitler, with him taking over the Nazis.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Multiple Nazi characters, including Hitler, express distaste about how Goebbels treats the Disney characters. During the final battle, one of the Nazi generals even gives the order to retreat, saying it's not the Wehrmacht's job to help Goebbels keep his slaves.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Played for laughs. After being overthrown by Goebbels, Hitler is imprisoned in a prison that includes all the Disney Channel Sitcom stars. So Hitler is forced to listen to their constant horrendous singing. After Fegelein defeats Goebbels and returns freedom to Disneyland, he just lets Hitler stay in prison.
  • Final Battle: Off course, the series ends with Fegelein rallying all the Disney characters in taking up arms and fight the Nazis in one last stand.
  • Ghostapo / Stupid Jetpack Hitler: Implied per Word of God. Whenever the Nazis take over a fictional universe, they assimilate whatever technology or magic they can find in said universe. This means they can use both tropes. Unfortunately, they are never seen using any advanced technology or magic, since almost all of the footage of Nazi soldiers fighting comes from Downfall itself or WWII documentaries.
  • Kangaroo Court: To judge Disney characters for not following his strict laws, Goebbels cloned himself several times, with said clones being the jury. Off course, he denies this, calling the jury impartial and non-cloned.
  • Kick the Dog: Goebbels is very good at thinking up unreasonable rules just to make the Disney characters suffer. He casually talks about ordering more slave yokes and at one point, he orders a squad of soldiers to shoot at Disney characters for singing. Even Hitler thinks Goebbels is going too far.
  • Million Mook March: Nazi soldiers are frequently seen doing this in this series, realized with footage from World War 2 documentaries. Usually, this footage is blended with terrified Disney characters, to create the illusion the Disney characters are afraid of the Nazi army.
  • Nazi Protagonist: A given, since all of the main characters are Nazis or closely affiliated to them.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: After the final battle, Himmler casually tells Fegelein he never expected Cinderella to handle an AK47 as well as she did. Unfortunately, she's never seen doing so.
  • Of Corpse He's Alive / Paper-Thin Disguise: After Goebbels overthrows and imprisons Hitler, he makes a rather ugly looking copy made from mashed potatoes. Off course, the other generals fall for it, allowing Goebbels to say Hitler is merely not well, making Goebbels the de facto leader.
  • Say My Name: Like in the original parodies this is based on, Hitler dramatically shouts Fegelein's name whenever he thwarts Hitler's plans.
  • The Starscream: Joseph Goebbels is revealed to be this, with him successfully overthrowing Hitler when Hitler makes clear he wants to replace him as Propaganda Minister.
  • Weird Crossover: 'Weird Crossover' is an understatement when Nazi characters from a dark and gritty World War 2 film are combined with animated Disney characters. The fun thing is, that it actually works.

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