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Ed Glaser, the founder of Dark Maze Studios, reviews foreign films that bear a striking resemblance to some more famous films made in the US.The reviews are unique in that Glaser does not critique the films, but compares the differences between the remake and the original and how this reflects on the cultures.

Can be found at, Dark Maze Studios' website, or

Analyzed films:

  • Awara Paagal Deewana
  • Mahakaal
  • Süperman Dönüyor
  • L'Ultimo Squalo (aka The Last Shark)
  • O Trapalhão No Planalto Dos Macacos
  • Aabra Ka Daabra
  • Computer HaekJeonHam PokPa DaeJakJeon
  • Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda
  • Masoyiyata Titanic
  • 3 Dev Adam
  • La Totale! (A remakesploitation analysis by Benzaie)
  • Ator L'Invincibile
  • Kartal Yuvasi
  • Cozzilla
  • King Kong Escapes
  • Time of the Apes
  • Bach Ke Zara
  • Baytekin Fezada Çarpişanlar
  • Kılıç Bey
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  • Rambu!
  • Kader Diyelim
  • D-Day
  • Altin Cocuk
  • Tarzan Istanbul'da & Tarzan Korkusuz Adam
  • Yedi Belalılar
  • La Mujer Murciélago
  • Anyab



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