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A serene world with deathly consequences
A Campsite where everything seems to be going okay until they are told that in order to leave, you must kill one of your fellow students and get away with it.

''Danganronpa: Serenity"" is an upcoming Youtube Web series created by Erilies based on the Danganronpa Series. It aims to create a feeling aesthetics similar to the games featuring trials, free time events and of course, a lot of dead bodies.

Tropes in Danganronpa Serenity include:

  • All Crimes Are Equal: In Hope's Peak, sleeping in class, stepping on the headmaster's face and murder all carry the same punishment.
  • Anyone Can Die: No once is protected from potential death (Apart from Monolili and Monosera as that is against the rules), not even the mastermind of the game
  • Audience Participation: Viewers will be able to vote on who the protagonist gets to spend their free time with throughout the story.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: Monosera and Monolili has monitors and cameras installed throughout the building, except in certain places such as bathrooms.
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  • Black Blood: Or pink blood, in this case as is the style of the Danganronpa series
  • Bodyofthe Week: The only way out of the school is committing a perfect murder — obviously, someone's going to wind up dead in every chapter.
  • Central Theme: Growth versus Stagnation.
  • Characters Dropping Like Flies: Per the game rules, at least two characters must die per chapter.
  • Crueland Unusual Death: The executions, obviously. Each execution is specifically tailored to its victim.
  • Deadly Game: Obviously as it's game where it's kill or be killed
  • Empty Chair Memorial: The court room has a seat for every student and whenever a student dies, Monosera puts up a portrait in their place.

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