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D Piddy is a YouTuber known for following his tagline exactly: he cosplays as various characters (most commonly Deadpool) and proceeds to either parody something, dance around with other cosplayers, or just troll random passerby in various ways. Sometimes all three in the same video.

Not to be confused with the rapper known at some points as P. Diddy (whose name is probably the inspiration for the channel name).


D Piddy vs these tropes:

  • Audience Participation: A lot of his video clips are based with random passerby going along with his antics (or occasionally him going along with theirs).
  • Boastful Rap: Most of "Deadpool - A Blurred Lines Parody" falls under this.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: He wouldn't be able to cosplay as Deadpool without invoking this from time to time. Shows up most clearly in "Deadpool - A Blurred Lines Parody".
  • Coconut Superpowers: Showcased most in "Deadpool vs The Chicken - A Family Guy Parody", when Deadpool uses a Thor's hammer prop to pin The Chicken in place and defeat him.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: He portrays Deadpool as not above chilling out with people after he fights them, including The Chicken and Wolverine (who are nice in turn).
  • Improbable Weapon User: As Deadpool, he delivers a One-Hit KO to another Deadpool hitting them with a rubber chicken.
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  • Jump Scare: The whole point of "Attack on Titan - Wall Prank" is doing this to people while pretending to be a human-sized Colossal Titan prop.
  • Left the Background Music On: In "Deadpool & Bob vs Zombies", Bob is completely puzzled once "Thriller" starts playing.
  • Me's a Crowd: Most of the time when he encounters other Deadpool cosplayers, they pair up and start dancing to "Gangnam Style".
  • Mooning: In "Skeletor Conquers Comikaze Expo 2013", he sort of does this (with Skeletor's "clothing" worn on the outside of the costume).
  • Off with His Head!: When he (as Deadpool) lets a little kid beat on him with a plastic sword, a woman off-screen (most likely the kid's mother) tells the kid to do this.
  • Pec Flex: A Wolverine cosplayer is seen doing this in "Nerdy Stuff - A Shake it Off Parody."
  • Running Gag: Whenever he kills a Gwen Stacy, a Spider-Man runs in and makes an anguished pose.
    • He also kills cosplayers wearing the Armor of the sun from Dark Souls by slicing their stomach resulting in a "You Died" message.
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  • Troll: In quite a few cases. The most notable, outside of the convention videos, was in "Deadpool vs Gentleman - A PSY Parody", in keeping with the theme of the original music video.
  • That Was Not a Dream: The end of "Deadpool & Bob vs Zombies", as Deadpool really was a zombie.
  • Sincerity Mode: While still very funny, the "Cosplay Is Not Consent" video is a PSA reminding people to ask permission before they do anything with cosplayers (especially if it's something inappropriate) and that they do so for every video. Especially if you're Deadpool.
  • Wimp Fight: Any time he cosplays Colossal Titan and starts a fight, this is the result.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: "Deadpool & Bob vs Zombies" is obviously centered around this.