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Celebrity Bric-a-Brac Theater is a Web Original series on Youtube. Almost all voices are done by Jason Stephens, who variously impersonates Christopher Walken, John Madden, Morgan Freeman, and other various celebrities in order to tell fictional stories and perform historical re-enactments, usually with a tried and true moral to tell. The writing, directing, and producing coming from the minds who brought us Chad Vader.


Celebrity Bric-a-Brac Theater provides examples of...

  • Artistic License – Religion: The First Christmas is not about the birth of Jesus, but about Santa and Rudolph being enslaved by the Spirit of Christmas.
    "Christmas? That's- that's never even been invented!"
  • Bat Deduction: How Morgan Freeman figured out who killed Dennis Hopper. "Bees, Cos-bees, it's obvious!"


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