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Cartoons in Danganronpa is a crossover series blending Danganronpa and a variety of different cartoons, acting as a sort of experiment based around what would happen if you took 16 animated all-stars and placed them into a school, where they are locked up and forced into a Mutual Killing Game in order to survive. The series was created by ThatCheesyBastard.

    Characters in Cartoons in Danganronpa 

Cartoons in Danganronpa provides examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: Jenny's appearance might bring to mind her canon voice actress's role as Peko.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The Free Time Events in a nutshell, with each of them giving a specific student their own Character Arc alongside Dipper.
    • Eddy's Free Time Events are based on Eddy mentoring Dipper into becoming a scam artist himself, and ultimately taking advantage of his trust along the way.
    • Jenny's are about Dipper helping her fit in with her human classmates.
    • Zim's involve Dipper trying to learn about Zim's life and culture. Key word being "trying."
  • And Nowfor Something Completely Different: Some videos contain bonus scenes where we see the perspectives of other characters during the chapters.
  • Anyone Can Die: As is expected of such a concept, nobody is safe.
    • Star Butterfly is the first victim.
  • Black Blood: As it is a staple for Danganronpa-based projects, the blood in this universe isn't red to the audience. However, instead of the stylized psychopop pink blood most Danganronpa fans have come to known, the blood in Cartoons in Danganronpa is a bright orange.
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  • Body of the Week: The general concept is designed around this idea.
  • Bloody Horror: After Star is murdered, the kitchen is found covered in her blood.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: When Monokuma introduces himself, he demands to know why he didn't get a character information card like all the other characters did.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Monokuma de-powers some of the group's stronger members because of how much they go on about protecting everyone.
  • Con Man: Eddy's talent is defined around manipulating others into falling for stunts he puts up so that he can take their money. In the original series this never went too well for him, but considering its his talent here...
  • Deadly Game: What the students are ultimately trapped in; they'll be unable to leave the school for the rest of their lives, unless they kill one of their fellow classmates and become the blackened. They must then get away with murder without being caught, and then make it through a class trial designed around catching them, in order to be allowed to leave at all.
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  • Defensive "What?": Dib reacts this way when he explains that the electric lock on the principal's office that prevents anyone else from getting in is called The Big Zappy Thing.
  • Exact Words:
    • When Monokuma threatens to kill every hostage randomly one by one, Blossom reminds him that he said that everyone will be dead if a few days passed without a killing. However, Monokuma corrects her stating that he never said how they could all be dead in a few days.
    • When Monokuma begins torturing Dipper in order to get Blossom, Bubbles and Jenny to give up their powers, he points out that he's not allowed to kill the students. Hurting them is still fair game.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes:
    • Eddy is a manipulative sleazeball with no sense of care for morality or basic manners. Even when bonding with him, Dipper finds himself utterly dumbfounded on why he's even spending time with him, to a point of questioning himself. The only person who likes him is Ed, and that's just cause he's too dumb to realize Eddy is using him for his own profit.
    • Cartman is even worse. Beyond having rather disgusting habits, he's a very loud, aggressive person who seems to get off on other people's misery. Kyle even does as much as he can to try and warn people about him prior. And on top of that, he gives his thoughts on the 'hierarchy' of the killing game, and states he will win it, and not as "filler".
  • Fun with Subtitles: When Zim objects to the plans that Blossom has made during the first morning meating, Bubbles causes this to happen when she kicks him, making them go diagonal. This is fixed five seconds later thanks to a cursor being used, with said cursor giving Bubbles a headpat.
  • I Have Your Wife: Much like in Trigger Happy Havoc, Monokuma threatens to murder a hostage corresponding to most of the cast, with only Dipper, Dib and Charlotte lacking one. They are:
    • Blossom and Bubbles: Buttercup
    • Eddy and Ed: Double D
    • Mabel: Waddles
    • Jenny: Ms. Wakemen
    • Kyle and Cartmen: Kenny
    • Star: Marco
    • Zim: GIR
    • Gaz: Her Game Slave (Yes, really)
    • Vendetta: Grudge
    • Morty: One of Rick's portal guns
  • Jerkass: Among the group, Cartman, Eddy, Gaz, Vendetta, and ZIM stand out as easily being the biggest jerks.
  • Lack of Empathy: There's a stat gauging it, and among the cast, the people with the least empathy by far stand out as Cartman, Eddy, and Vendetta.
  • No Animals Were Harmed: This trope is parodied each time Monokuma fails to perform his jump:
    • In Prologue part 2:
"We here at CIDR want to assure you that no bears were harmed in the making of this video. Except Monokuma."
  • "Chapter 1 (Daily Life)":
"We here at CIDR want to assure you that Monokuma was harmed in the making of this video. Badly."
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Eddy and Ed, on account of one being a scam artist and the other his brutish bodyguard, have no issue getting right in people's faces for the smallest of things. Dipper even notes their complete lack of personal space.
  • Sadistic Choice: Monokuma forces one on Blossom, Bubbles, and Jenny: Either give up your powers, or he tortures Dipper. Blossom quickly realizes that it's a trap, but gets the other two to submit.
  • Secret Room: Dipper accidentally discovers that he has a secret laboratory installed in his room when he punches his painting.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Cartman, Kyle, Morty, and Monokuma.
  • Slashed Throat: This is the cause of Star's death.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The aggressive and demanding Vendetta and the sweet and caring Charlotte.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: As expected of the Eds, both Ed and Eddy are obsessed with jawbreakers.
  • What the Hell Are You?: Blossom asks Monokuma this after he seemingly No-Sells an attack from her, Bubbles and Jenny.
  • You Remine Me Of X: Eddy thinks Dipper is almost exactly like "Sockhead" (also known as Double D in his home series).

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