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CTE Playthroughs are a group of commentary group on the famous Youtube video site. The team consists of: The (Not-So) Great Knuxfan24, Qwertyfiend, Lankyman, ATWH & Mr. Evil (sometimes dubbed "The Prick"(We've yet to gain major attention. It'll happen someday -Knuxfan24)Meet the team!Knuxfan24: Knuxfan24 is the main face of CTE Productions & the one who usually records the footage. His connection speed is a major obstacle when it comes to uploading videos.


Qwertyfiend: Qwertfiend set the whole project going when he suggested a team commentary on Knuxfan24's old Let's Tackle videos. Lankyman, ATWH & Mr. Evil/The Prick joined the fun shortly afterwards.

Lankyman: Lankyman is usually one of the members of CTE Productions that provides major humor. His catchphrase: "It appears we have a MAJOR case of n00b", commonly annoys Qwertyfiend.

ATWH: Knuxfan24's best friend. ATWH is another person who provides random humor during the commentaries, sometimes drowning out the others completely.

Mr Evil/The Prick: Mr. Evil, also known as the Prick has a habit of randomly advertising other games during the videos. He commonly advertises The Legend of Zelda series.

Some random stuff:

  • Angrish: "Gah! Rage, Rage, RAGE!" (Quote by Knuxfan) Throughout the Megaman Playthrough Knuxfan24 constantly flies into a Rage at things like Iceman & the Yellow Devil. Causing Qwertyfiend to yell at him.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Knuxfan24: Part Over.
    • Lankyman: Serious case of n00b
    • Mr. Evil: & if you want to find out more about (Insert Game Character here). Play (Insert Game Name here)
  • Fanboy: Knuxfan24 is a mega fan of the Sonic series.
  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch: More like "Complaining about Games you haven't played" Knuxfan24 commonly bashes things like Halo & Minecraft & in return Mr. Evil bashes Sonic & Megaman.
  • Five-Man Band
    • Knuxfan24,
    • Qwertyfiend,
    • Lankyman,
    • ATWH
    • Mr. Evil

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