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Billy Green tried to go down on me, 'cause he thought it would get him into Vocal Adrenaline. But that's not how it works.

Billy Green, known to some as The True Story Of Billy Green, is a webseries produced by Rock Of Ages Prod, starring Broadway's, and fangirl favourite, Wesley Taylor. It has guest appearances and cameos from just about any and all Broadway actors you can think of, from Nathan Lane to Matt Doyle. It includes a colourful assortment of offensive words, swears, and slurs, and is overall completely hilarious.


It focuses on the theatre career, and life in general of the obnoxious actor that is Billy Green. Billy will do anything to break into the business, including drugging his mother, "highjacking" an audition tape, and even dating Mel Gibson.

It can be watched here, starting with the first episode.

This series provides examples of: