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Tired of all those boring reality TV shows? Why don't you tune in for the BAMF Girls' Club! Discover what happens when you place five absolute badass action girls (Hermione Granger, Lisbeth Salander, Michonne, Buffy Summers, Katniss Everdeen)...and Bella Swan: a whole host of wacky shenanigans are sure to ensue!

A comedy web-series from Comediva which asks just how well some of our favorite, strong-willed and powerful heroines (and Bella) would interact when taken from their normal universes and forced to share a small, suburban home.


It can be found here.

BAMF Girls' Club provides examples of:

  • Brick Joke: In #11, Hermione's magical experimentation backfires on Michonne and apparently doesn't do very much... until later.
  • The Cameo:
    • Arya Stark appears in #3 as a condition of her parole.
    • Willow joins Buffy in #7!
    • Veronica Mars in episode #9.
    • The series' first male cameo, Agent Smith from The Matrix appears in episode #10 as a blind online date that Buffy set up. He tries to kill Buffy, but Hermione makes short work of him.
    • #13 has the 11th Doctor!
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    • #15 has one of the earliest known BAMFs in history... Snow White.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Hermione retaliating at Lisbeth by painlessly removing all her piercings (except a few of her favorites) in #4.
  • Impossible Pickle Jar:
    • In episode 8, Bella proves unable to open a jar of jam. Although, after seeing Buffy accidentally crushes a pot with her Super Strength, she just hands it to her. And then she keeps hounding Buffy with more jars, until the vampire slayer shows Bella how to use a jar opener.
    • Later, in episode 14, Hermione on a magic fast is unable to open a jar, and Bella opens it for her. That she would need Bella's help, of all people, depresses Hermione even further.
  • Medium Awareness:
    The Doctor: It's all so clear now! These BAMFs don't belong in the same universe, let alone the same house!
  • Mistaken for Gay: Buffy thinks all wizards are gay, and that Hermione's relationship with Ron is a phase.
  • Super OCD: Hermione has spells for disinfecting, and removing someone's piercings just because they "look better anyway".
  • Take That!:
    Arya: [about Hermione] UUUHH!! BOOKS. No wonder she only has two friends.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Bella, in the first episode, when she says walking dead people sound hot- an especially poor choice of words considering who she is with. In her defense, she's dating a vampire.
    Bella: Can we take that out? Can we delete that?
  • Transparent Closet: Hermione, according to Buffy. Then again, Buffy is rather biased in this regard.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy:
    • Practically everyone. Part of the humor comes in the girls tackling real life problems (i.e. six girls but one bathroom) like how they'd tackle it in their work.
    • Literally for Katniss, who thinks her experience with the Hunger Games is completely relevant here. Not so much.
    • Michonne, too, since she thinks the walkers are everywhere.
    • Buffy usually gets along with the above two as she too is an Action Survivor. The problem is that while they tackled zombies, corrupt politicians, and kids trained to kill, she's tackled demons and vampires.
    • Lisbeth usually believes Hollywood Hacking can solve anything.
    • Hermione actually is the closest person to getting the genre right, since the series she's from was partially inspired by stories involving a Boarding School, similar to the situation she's stuck in with the girls.
    • And Bella... Well, she still acts like herself (which isn't helping).


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