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"A filmmaker with an interest in history who dresses up and does silly voices in order to educate and entertain you."
— The description Atun-Shei Films gives for his YouTube channel.

Atun-Shei Films (real name Andrew Rakich) is a historical education show which reviews historical films, gives lectures about historical events, and uses fictional characters to depict a viewpoint and demonstrate how people in a time period behaved. His main characters and series include:

  • "Checkmate, Lincolnites!", in which a stand-in for himself ("Billy Yank") argues against a stand-in for modern believers in the Lost Cause of the Confederacy ("Johnny Reb").
  • The "Witchfinder General (of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay)", a staunchly devout, iron-hearted Puritan witch hunter who gives advice on matters legal, moral, and spiritual...from the perspective of 17th century New Englanders. In a period-accurate accent, no less.
  • "Frozen 50's Man," where an archetypal 50's-era Private Detective named Dick Jett gets transported to the modern era and has to contend with the temporal culture shock.

Atun-Shei Films provides an example of the following:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: invoked While Billy Yank acknowledges that it's possible Nathan Bedford Forrest's call for peace and tolerance between whites and blacks was borne out of a genuine change of heart, he believes it's also possible that Forrest decided a show of magnanimity would suit his interests.
  • Argentina Is Nazi-Land: A passing mention is made in "My N@zi Roommate" that Klaus the Nazi came from Argentina to answer Atun-Shei's ad for a roommate.
  • Armoured Closet Gay: Inverted with the character of Kit Thistle from "Frozen '50s Man". Despite being being publicly known as a flamboyant pansexual man in a polyamorous relationship, Thistle's terrible Dark Secret was that he was actually heterosexual and desired a monogamous relationship. Conrad blackmailed him into aiding his scheme by threatening to out him.
  • Artistic License – History:
    • "Checkmate, Lincolnites" is a series of videos examining popular pro-CSA myths about the American Civil War.
    • The concept is discussed in several videos of his; in general, he's more forgiving of this than most of the YouTube history crowd, and he particularly defends Braveheart as a masterpiece of filmmaking despite its myriad inaccuracies in the details. He even made a video literally titled "No, Historical Inaccuracy in Movies DOESN'T Matter", arguing that the minutiae (weapon styles, clothing styles, etc.) usually focused on by history nerds just isn't that important in the grand scheme of things — furthermore, most people know (and don't care) that blockbuster movies aren't a great source of historical education. That said, he's less forgiving if the movie has substantial or obvious implications for modern society, such as Gods and Generals' whitewashed portrayal of American slavery, which he argues gives ammunition to modern racists and the Lost Cause movement.
  • Author Appeal:
    • If his deep love for Ravenous weren't a dead giveaway, he's helpfully got a whole video about cannibalism stories in the old West. And the cheery coroner in the first episode of Frozen '50s Man can be seen enjoying a taste from a dismembered limb during an autopsy.
      "There's no ethical consumption under cannibalismshit!"
    • In addition to American (and Nazi) history, he has a passion for the history of film as an art and a medium, and many of his videos examine both.
    • He's also a big defender of Mel Gibson as a filmmaker, arguing that his films in general, and Braveheart in particular, are landmark moments in cinematic history and deserve to be recognized as more than mindless mass entertainment, mocked and nitpicked for their Artistic License – History, or tainted by Mel Gibson's political and religious views.note  This was the basis for his impetus in his response video to Brandon F after Brandon criticized the historical inaccuracies in Gibson's films.
    • He's done an extensive series of videos on King Philip's War, which he likes to remind the audience is the bloodiest war per-capita in American history despite being mostly forgotten today, and even self-published a strategy boardgame called "Flintlock and Tomahawk" about it.
    • While he had settled in New Orleans, Louisiana by the time he started making videos, Atun-Shei originally hails from Massachusetts, and most videos involving New England find an excuse to include it; the full title of his self-admitted favorite character, the Witchfinder-General, is "The Witchfinder-General for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay."note  That being said, it also has an element of Self-Deprecation, such as the video in which the Witchfinder-General defends the state referring to him as "The Original Masshole" in the thumbnail.
    • An odd case of something being constantly present in a work because the creator rejects it; in various videos, such as "Why Gods and Generals Is Neo-Confederate Propaganda (And Also Sucks)", Atun-Shei explained that the reason his Civil War-related videos are dedicated to debunk the Lost Cause of the Confederacy negationist ideology is because he once actually believed in it for a while, for which he expresses deep regret.
  • Ax-Crazy: His description of Col. Vincent "The Clawhammer" A. Witcher fits this. In the title he calls Witcher "The Civil War's Biggest Weirdo", begins the video by saying this man was renowned for his barbarity, and describes a variety of violent acts of violence he committed both before and during the Civil War which horrified even his fellow Confederates. Of note are cases of him bashing the skulls of his enemies against rocks, which he did with hideous regularity. And for no reason anyone could discern, he did it all in a fancy "clawhammer" jacket.
  • Berserk Button: In the episode of Checkmate Lincolnites! focusing on General Sherman, at one point Johnny Reb claims Sherman was only good at attacking civilians and couldn't win a real fight. This causes the normally restrained Billy Yank to pull out his pistol and shove it in Johnny Reb's face, forcing him to tearfully repeat what he just said. Subverted in that right after this he holsters his gun and calmly explains why Johnny Reb's claim was untrue.
    Billy Yank[whipping out a Hand Cannon]: The FUCK you just say?
    Johnny Reb[panicked]: Oh, Billy Yank, that's not funny, put the gun down...
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: In "Did Ancient Egyptians Circumnavigate Africa?", he questions what the motivations of Hanno the Navigator and his men were when attempting to capture the female gorilainote  from the island they had camped on, especially since Hanno's records imply they thought of these creatures as simply hairy, ugly humans.
  • Bloodless Carnage: One of his (many, many) criticisms of Gods and Generals. During the scene of the battle at what's most likely Miller's Cornfieldnote , he mocks the fact that the most obvious damage is done not to any of the men fighting, but to a soldier's water canteen ("He might get seriously dehydrated!"). He views this as irresponsible whitewashing of the scale of the violence involved in the Civil War, and in his opinion, you can't do the conflict justice without showing "rivers of blood."
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: In Ancient Aryans: The History of Crackpot N@zi Archeology he lists the achievements of ancient societies as “writing, pyramids, aqueducts, and man-boy-love.”
  • Call-Back: In "Confederate DESTROYS Yankee with FACTS and LOGIC", when the unnamed Confederate cavalry officer starts claiming that there's nothing wrong with being "superior" (as in, claiming one's nationality makes them superior, or that being white makes one superior, as in white supremacy), Atun-Shei brings back the Confederate Monument Racist-o-Meter from "Were the Confederate Monuments of New Orleans Racist?" (with "YouTube Comments" crudely scribbled instead of "Confederate Monument", since the unnamed Confederate cavalry officer is actually reading a YouTube comment) to show how racist the comment is - and Atun-Shei makes the arrow swing wildly in the highest rating, "Hitler!"
  • Card-Carrying Villain: The Confederate cavalry officer that Atun-Shei argues against in the first episode of Checkmate Lincolnites! ("Confederate DESTROYS Yankee with FACTS and LOGIC") is this trope. Unlike Johnny Reb, who at least acknowledges that slavery was bad (even if he erroneously insists the Confederacy didn't fight to preserve that institution), this character is proud of the fact that he was a slave-owner.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: In the first episode of Checkmate, Lincolnites!, "Confederate DESTROYS Yankee with FACTS and LOGIC", the unnamed Confederate cavalry officer Atun-Shei argues with introduces him as "the dollar-store Jamie Lannister."
  • "Common Knowledge":invoked A major point of Checkmate, Lincolnites! is to attempt to dispel many commonly accepted facts about the Civil War and the Confederate States that have helped colorize the conflict. Some examples include:
    • Ulysses S. Grant being an alcoholic who would just throw troops into battle and win by sheer numbers. Grant did have alcohol issues, but he never drank before a battle, and was more of a binge/social drinker. He also wasn't someone who just threw men to die, but rather was a strategic general, and he had a large loss of troops due to just how intense factors outside his control often were.
    • The idea that "slavery was on it's way out". Atun points out that likely had the South won or at least won enough to remain separated from the Union, they likely would have adapted slavery into the rising technological advancements to come rather than cease to exist. So long as slavery was profitable in any way, it would have remained. It's maybe possible it would have died down, but very likely not.
    • The idea that Lincoln was a racist towards black slaves. Atun-Shei doesn't deny that Lincoln didn't initially make the conflict about slavery, rather initially it was about stopping the South from breaking away, but he points out that many of the "Lincoln was a racist" arguments came from before he became President, and was likely just Lincoln trying to win the office how he could. Lincoln wasn't a die-hard abolitionist, but he did eventually make it a major goal.
  • Continuity Snarl: Combined with Early Installment Weirdness, Checkmate, Lincolnites! clearly plays fast and loose with its own continuity, usually for laughs. The first episode has Atun-Shei, as himself in plain clothes, debating a Confederate cavalry officer, and it eventually ends with Atun-Shei shooting him dead. While from the second episode onwards Johnny Reb is established as he usually world appear afterwards (as in, as a Confederate soldier rather than a Confederate cavalry officer) and through the second and third episodes the person he argues against resembles Billy Yank more, said person is still Atun-Shei — in the second episode he recalls shooting the Confederate cavalry officer, and in the third he appears in plain clothes again at the beginning, telling Johnny Reb that he's tired of making videos debunking Confederate myths since they appear to be fruitless, only to be convinced back into arguing with Johnny Reb when the latter tells him that now he'll be free to claim that the Civil War was fought over tariffs and taxes. And even in regards of Johnny Reb, when Atun-Shei asks him in the second episode if he wasn't the Confederate cavalry officer he shot dead in the previous episode, Johnny Reb denies it... even though Atun-Shei points out that he has a blood-stained Confederate cavalry officer uniform at his feet, causing Johnny Reb to get nervous and segue away to the show's intro.
  • Creator Provincialism: He gives a lot of special attention to the history of New England (where he grew up) and Louisiana (where he currently lives).
  • Crossover:
    • In How New England Yankees Conquered the World, Brandon F made an appearance to talk about the Revolutionary War. Later on Brandon's channel, Atun-Shei made an appearance impersonating him in "Reconsidering the Historical Films of Mr Mel Gibson".
    • One between his own characters happens in the Checkmate, Lincolnites! episode "Was it REALLY the WAR of NORTHERN AGGRESSION?!?!?!", where Johnny Reb gets possessed by Klaus the Nazi, only the have the latter exorcised from Johnny Reb's body by the Witchfinder-General. At the end of "Did the CONFEDERACY Have BETTER GENERALS?!?!?!", Klaus reappears on the set of Checkmate, Lincolnites! (after Johnny Reb and Billy Yank appear to separate for good), rearrangling the pieces of the chess game they were playing, specifically setting a Jefferson Davis chess piece upright.
  • Dark Fantasy: The sketch "Historically "Inspired" Fantasy Settings" shows a show of this genre being nitpicked by the lead actor. It turns out the most vulgar swear words of the middle ages ("By God's Blood") would sound silly to modern ears.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: One of his major goals is trying to get people to understand how differently people thought and perceived the world in the past — for example, poor white Southerners who owned no slaves themselves still putting their lives on the line to defend the institution because of how vital they thought it was to a functioning society, or people afraid of witchcraft because, from their perspective, the reality of supernatural powers and events influencing the world was as obvious as the sun in the sky.
  • Depraved Homosexual: One features in "Frozen '50s Man ~ Episode 1". Conrad the Comrade, a gay communist YouTuber, cheated on his husband with a fan in his husband's bed. Then he garrotes his lover to death on video, eats the victim's corpse to hide the evidence, and then kills the victim's boyfriend when he discovers Conrad's guilt.
  • Double-Meaning Title: "Did the Confederacy have Better Generals?" examines the claims that Confederate generals were superior both at military matters and in terms of morality.
  • Driven to Suicide: The klansman in Episode 2 of Frozen '50's Man tells everyone at the table that he'd commit suicide via gun-in-the-mouth if he ever ate soy. When Alexis Buttal brings a vegan burger to his battle with Jett, and he consumes it to top up on meat, he finds out and calmly puts his money where his mouth is... no pun intended.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: During one of Johnny Reb's rants about wild hypotheticals that would lead to Southern independence(such as Sherman spontaneously combusting and Britain joining the war) he makes a passing reference to Judah P. Benjaminnote  opening the Ark of the Covenant and vaporizing the Army of the Potomac:
    Billy Yank:Woah!...[into microphone]I'd like to formally apologize for what he just said about Judah P. Benjamin.
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The overall aesthetic of Checkmate, Lincolnites! took a while to settle.
      • The first Checkmate, Lincolnites! has Atun-Shei in plainclothes, where subsequent videos have him in costume as "Billy Yank." The unnamed Confederate Cavalry Officer is there instead of "Johnny Reb" while the backdrop is just the confederate flag, rather than the union confederate flag hybrid.
      • A more minor example, but from episode 1-3 (or 5 given the callback to the Whataboutism Drinking Game) the Union Soldier is Atun-Shei in a uniform instead of Billy Yank, and in the second episode Johnny Reb is implied to be the confederate cavalry officer from the first episode.
    • The channel as a whole took a while to find its identity. It first began with Atun-Shei applying his background in film and history reviewing historical films and giving his opinion on how to "fix" them (and sometimes not even historical films; one video had him pleading "Please Don't Screw Up Legally Blonde 3", of all films). Then, he decided to focus on his background as a tour guide in historical reenactments to tell anecdotes ranging from local New Orleans to Civil War-era and Old West stories in the style of a history tour guide. It was on the debate surrounding Confederate monuments that was revived in light of the racial protests in the U.S. in 2020 that the channel began to take the form it would become known for, when Atun-Shei took inspiration from ContraPoints and used the backlash from Confederate apologists to his video "Were the Confederate Monuments of New Orleans Racist?" to create Checkmate, Lincolnites!, and from then on, create other characters such as the Witchfinder-General and Klaus the Nazi to present other people in history.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Johnny Reb. Almost all his claims come from real Lost Causers in the Atun-Shei comment section, and some of them are more wacky than others.
    Billy Yank[upon hearing the claim that the South was paying 80% of all U.S taxes in the 1860s, long before the Income Tax existed]: So... that's... not true. that's not even remotely true, that's not in a 50 mile radius of truth! Like, if you dropped an atomic bomb on Truth, what you just said wouldn't even have radiation burns.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The QAnon members in Episode 2 of Frozen 50s Man may be horribly prejudiced people but even they hate Nazis. Learning their leader works for Klaus causes them to have a Heel–Face Turn and leave to go rethink their lives.
  • Excrement Statement: In "That Time the Ladies of New Orleans Peed on Union Soldiers", the rich white women of New Orleans would make a point of harassing the occupying Union Soldiers - in particular emptying chamberpots onto the heads of Union Soldiers passing below. Since it was taboo for men to criticize high society women, even when they had valid reason to, the soldiers just accepted it. When General Benjamin Butler ignored this taboo by giving orders to treat ladies who disrespected Union Soldiers as prostitutes, it caused global outrage and cost Butler his post. The local response to the rich white ladies of New Orleans was to print Butler's face on the bottom of chamber pots. Atun-Shei reveals that the Confederate Memorial Hall still sells such chamber pots, and strongly implies he himself peed in it.
  • Expy: In Episode 1 of Frozen '50s Man, the title character's investigation at one point leads him to Kit Thistle, the host of web series Paleontology Tube, who speaks in a ridiculously British accent. Kit looks a lot like Abigail Thorn,note  the British host of web series Philosophy Tube, and the one video shown of Paleontology Tube looks like equal parts Philosophy Tube and ContraPoints. Additionally, the murder victim and actual culprit is an expy of socialist streamer Vaush.
  • Fair for Its Day: Invoked by the Witchfinder-General, who defends the Salem Witch Trials by pointing out that the condemned were tried first, that witnesses gave corroborating testimonies, and that many of the accused witches even confessed to the charges. To somebody who believed in witchcraft it would all look like a Smoking Gun. The later "In Defense of Puritanism" video discusses the important contributions men like the Witchfinder-General made to modern democratic egalitarianism, in spite of their intolerance towards others.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: invoked He says that Vincent "Clawhammer" Witcher got his nickname from the two-tailed coat he always wore, which made him look like the back of a clawhammer. This was a coat usually reserved for formal occasions, which meant Witcher was wearing the equivalent of a tuxedo every day.
  • Flowery Insults: Billy Yank tells Johnny Reb to bring out the "Big Guns":
    Johnny Reb: It's funny, when snot nosed, green behind the ear, force fed warm bullshit college boys like yourself just regurgitate all the totally false narratives that you "learned". You sir are a syphilis-infested crotch goblin and deserve to be eaten alive by pygmy ants. God Save the South!
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: In his review of The Outlaw Josey Wales, he says that while he understands the bitterness many Confederate veterans felt after the war, his empathy doesn't blind him to the fact that nothing can justify the atrocities of the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups.
  • Genre Adultery: invoked Acknowledged in the introduction to his video on The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, which discusses a work of science fiction rather than history.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: In "Freedom or Death: The Louisiana Slave Revolt of 1811", Atun-Shei describes a revolt of Louisiana slaves lead by Charles Deslondes against the white planters lead by Manuel Andry. Though the rebels were defeated and killed to a man, Governor Clayborne was the real victor. He used this to accelerate Louisiana's statehood and entrench the American planters as the political power in the state.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: His documentary "In Defense of Puritanism" is an examination of how the popular image of the Puritans as backwards, austere, intolerant fanatics is a gross oversimplification that erases their more positive aspects and achievements. While there is some truth to the stereotypes, Puritanism's nature as a decentralized and non-hierarchical movement resulted in multiple schools of thought emerging under the umbrella, meaning it wasn't a monolith that can be painted with a broad brush. The prejudices many Puritans held can't be justified, but they become understandable when viewed in context and it's debatable as to whether they were actually particularly bad in practice by the standards of the era. Finally, they were pioneers of ideas like freedom of speech and equality before the law, which have become widely cherished American values.
  • Horny Vikings: Subverted in "Who was Leif Erikson?", which starts with a man claiming to be Leif Erikson arriving in armor and roaring that he came to America to pillage in the name of Odin. Once he leaves, the real Leif Erikson arrives in the normal clothes of a well-to-do Norseman, denounces the first man as an imposter, and reveals that he (the real Erikson) is a Christian Momma's Boy. The rest of the video is Atun-Shei talking about how Leif Erikson was unusually kind and harmless for an explorer.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In a series where he and Billy Yank regularly put away lots of alcohol, and usually pretty strong stuff, Johnny Reb accuses Ulysses S. Grant of being a drunk. They're even literally pouring out and toasting with liquor as they discuss the question of Grant's alcohol abuse.
  • I'm a Humanitarian:
    • His "Cannibals of the American West" talks about three examples of non-survival cannibalism that occurred in the American West.
      Atun-Shei Films: "What is it about the American west that makes people want to eat each other? Because it happened a lot; like, a weird amount."
    • Conrad the Comrade, the (fake) murder victim and eventual perpetrator of the murder in "Frozen '50s Man" killed a fan and ate him in a series of smoothies. The cheery coroner who autopsies Conrad's body also can't resist taking a taste of one of his dismembered limbs.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: The "road agent spin," a draw specifically designed to look like you're offering your pistol to someone, only to suddenly whirl it around and fire, as featured in The Outlaw Josey Wales. He taught himself to do it, and one of his videos is a tutorial on it.
  • Lampshade Hanging: "In Defense of Puritanism" points out that the iconic buckled hat was a later invention that started as a joke and is no more historically accurate than a horned viking helmet. The Witchfinder General costume still features it.
  • Large Ham: several characters in the various series on the channel.
    • Johnny Reb can get a little overwhelmed with himself when thinking about a victorious South("My heart FLUTTERS AT THE THOUGHT") or when a particularly unhinged commenter gives him voice("DAMN, DAMN YANKEES! REBEL YEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!")
    • The Witchfinder General is more of a Cold Ham, but still chews the scenery frequently. look no further than the Signing Off Catchphrase he gives at the end of each video("Thou art a wretched sinner, utterly undeserving o' God's love")
    • Klaus the Nazi, almost constantly.
  • Like Reality, Unless Noted: Frozen 50's Man appears to take place in a world like this, where it appears to be the 2020s like in reality, except cryogenics work, people kill themselves after having to eat soy, and Qanon is secretly a time-traveling Nazi with mystical occult powers.
  • Long List: In "How New England Yankees Conquered the World", Atun-Shei reads a list of men from the town of Gloucester, Massachusetts who died at sea. It takes him over five minutes. At the end he reveals that the list only involves men who died in 1879, and that even then, most of those men died in a single freak storm.
  • Memetic Badass: In-Universe; discussed in "Checkmate Lincolnites" regarding William Tecumseh Sherman's presence in the online "Union Gang".note  The omnipresence of Sherman memes is a frequent target of Johnny Reb's ire.
    Johnny Reb: (mockingly) "Do it again, Uncle Billy!" Spare me your memes, sir!
  • Mundane Utility: In the Checkmate, Lincolnites! episode "TARIFFS and TAXES: The REAL Cause of the CIVIL WAR?!", Billy Yank uses a saber to open a bottle of whiskey.
  • Noble Savage: Mostly defied in his videos on Native Americans, especially King Philip's War. While their culture is somewhat different from the white settlers', the Natives are still canny, politically-minded, and driven by most of the same things as their rivals. He's also up front and candid about the severity of the violence they often inflicted on white civilians. Atun-Shei is vocally critical of what he sees as The New World invoking this trope through its theme of "humanity decoupling from nature," pointing out that not only were the English themselves pretty close to nature as a pre-industrial agrarian society, but that the Native peoples were every bit the unquestioned masters of their environment as the Europeans.
  • Only Sane Man: Billy Yank holds up Joseph E. Johnston as the only Confederate general with a proper understanding of logistics and how to play the long game against a numerically and materially superior foe. But because his methods weren't very flashy, in spite of their effectiveness, he ended up being replaced by John Bell Hoodnote , who quickly lost Atlanta to William T. Sherman before being utterly annihilated by General George Thomas at Nashville, taking an entire state out of the Confederacy and ending his career.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero:
  • Politically Incorrect Villain:
    • Klaus the Nazi, for obvious reasons.
    • In his "Were the Confederate Monuments of New Orleans Racist?" video, Atun-Shei uses a meter to show how racist said monuments were - the lowest rating was "Innocent" (which none of the monuments were rated as) and the highest was "Hitler!". He gave the monument to the Battle of Liberty Place, which was built to commemorate the White League's violent attack on city hall, a rating of Hitler.
      Monument Inscription: "United States troops took over the state government and reinstated the usurpers but the national election november 1876 recognized white supremacy in the south and gave us our state."
    • Johnny Reb is a bit of a zig-zag, given that a large portion of his dialogue is reading out comments. Rather than arguing that racism is good or justified though, he usually argues the idea the Confederacy was somehow not racist.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: Subverted in "Freedom or Death: The Louisiana Slave Revolt of 1811". After the German Coast Uprising was suppressed and the rebels massacred, they were painted by the triumphant planters as bloodthirsty savages. Yet in truth the rebels only killed two people and were remarkably organized and meticulously planned in advance. Atun-shei also stated that Deslondes' two right-hand men in the revolt, Kook and Quamana, were veterans from the Akan Kingdom and were likely trained in military tactics.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When "Q" appears in person in Episode 2 of Frozen '50's Man, and is revealed to be Klaus the Nazi himself, on top of some kind of Humanoid Abomination, the remaining Q cultists immediately abandon the movement, cutting Dick and Alexis loose from their imprisonment and deciding to rethink their lives.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Klaus the Nazi possessing Johnny Reb and being exorcised by the Witchfinder-General in the Checkmate, Lincolnites! episode "Was It REALLY the WAR of NORTHERN AGGRESSION?!?!?!" is a parody of a similar scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
    • "Ancient Aryans: The History of Crackpot N@zi Archaeology" introduces Atun-Shei writing "FACTS" on a chalkboard in a similar way as to how Indiana Jones is first shown as a professor writing "NEOLITHIC" on a chalkboard in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both are even dressed similarly.
    • The video footage in the first part of "In Defense of Puritanism" is a shout-out to A Field in England, which is set during the English Civil War and features similar unsettling, Deliberately Monochrome shots of an open field, characters tripping on psychedelic mushrooms, and a black circle engulfing the screen.
  • Shown Their Work: As any good student of history would do, he cites his sources to back up his points and claims in his videos. For example, in his "Checkmate Lincolnites" videos, he'll provide letters or diary entries written by important figures at the time to either prove his claims or disprove a point made by Johnny Reb.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: Andrew Rakich doesn't hide his disgust for the practice, and he goes further into depth on the subject in his video The Mundane Horror of American Slavery.
  • Strategy Versus Tactics: In "Did the CONFEDERACY Have BETTER GENERALS?!?!?!", Billy Yank points out that many of the Confederacy's most famous victories were tactically impressive, but strategically pointless — as brilliant as their maneuvers may have been, they didn't actually do much to further the Confederacy's war aims besides temporarily defeating and driving off Union armies, and bled manpower and supplies they could scarce afford to lose. In contrast, Union commanders like Grant and Sherman didn't score nearly as many "epic" victories in battle (though, as Vicksburg shows, they had their fair share), but rather aimed at tearing out the Confederacy's logistical base at its roots, while grinding down the Confederacy one region at a time.
  • Strawman Political: Downplayed with Johnny Reb. It's clear that he doesn't believe that slavery was good(Like his predecessor the Cavalry Officer) or think that other races are inferior(except when possessed by Klaus the Nazi), and he does what he does because he genuinely loves his heritage. At the same time, though, he spreads harmful misinformation and clings to outdated historiography because it's the only way for him to stay guilt-free in the process, and as such he's hostile toward Billy Yank for shattering his comfortable view of the past. In several instances it's clear that he prefers talking about Confederate military history to why the Confederacy existed in the first place because it's less morally dubious.
    Johnny Reb: I'm a cartoon character, not an idiot.
  • Switch to English: In "My N@zi Roommate", Klaus begins discussing his plans with Adolf Hitler in German, before Adolf stops him, telling him that they should practice their English if they want to blend into the modern world, and they continue the conversation in English, although they exchange some brief German phrases again after encountering Klaus's roommate.
  • Symbol Swearing:
    • A video analyzing a scene from The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc is titled "The Most Fµçкed-Up Scene in Movie History."
    • Not a swear word, but the intention is the same. Due to YouTube's crackdown on Nazi content, videos on the subject (usually involving Klaus the Nazi) has "Nazi" written as "N@zi", such as "My N@zi Roommate" or "Ancient Aryans: The History of Crackpot N@zi Archaeology."
  • Take That!:
    • In several videos, such as "Why Gods and Generals Is Neo-Confederate Propaganda (And Also Sucks)" and "When Movies Were Magic", he uses Paul Blart: Mall Cop as an example of the nadir of filmmaking.
    • "Ancient Aryans: The History of Crackpot N@zi Archaeology" ends with Klaus the Nazi appearing on Joe Rogan's podcast. When Rogan starts rambling about thoughts he had while on drugs, Klaus shoots himself.
  • Take That, Audience!: Billy Yank and Johnny Reb take some of the more extreme members of the channel's audience to task in "Was GENERAL SHERMAN a WAR CRIMINAL?!?!?!?!", showing comments of people painting all modern-day Southerners as if they were Confederates.
    Billy Yank: What kind of unbelievable asshole can't distinguish between slave-owning Confederates and modern-day rural Southerners?
    [both take a long, skeptical look at the camera]
  • The Dreaded: General Ulysses S. Grant is this for Johnny Reb, to whom apparently even thinking about him sends poor Johnny into a nightmare/hallucination of the terms of surrender of the Confederacy being read by Billy Yank in a raspy, demonic voice while the room flashes red and green.
  • Title Drop: Once an Episode in Checkmate, Lincolnites! At the beginning of each episode, Johnny Reb will state a common Lost Cause argument, and when Billy Yank is naturally unable to condense a rebuttal into a 2-second sound bite, Johnny will turn to the camera and proudly proclaim CHECKMATE, LINCOLNITES! while the intro theme plays.
  • Troll:
    • Johnny Reb (and the unnamed Confederate cavalry officer that preceded him, if they're not the same character) clearly tries to get into Atun-Shei/Billy Yank's skin, even if they're reading YouTube comments. "LOL, look at this soy boy!" indeed.
    • Then there was the time in "Were there really BLACK CONFEDERATES?" when Johnny made the outrageous statement that slaves happily took up arms to serve their masters in the fight against the North:
    Billy Yank: ...Now you're just fucking with me, aren't you?
    Johnny Reb: got me!
    Billy Yank: Ayyyy!
    • For his part, Atun-Shei/Billy Yank for the most part limits himself to just debunking the myths Johnny Reb/the Confederate cavalry officer expouses, but he can also set him off for fun if he want to.
      Johnny Reb: the brave boys at Fredericksburg...
      Atun-Shei/Billy Yank: Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!note 
      (Johnny Reb angrily fumes)
      Atun-Shei/Billy Yank: Oh, sorry. Too soon, I guess.
  • Values Resonance: invokedDiscussed in "In Defense of Puritanism", which attempts to recontextualize the Puritan movement, not just as intolerant religious fanatics (although it also makes no bones about their flaws, nor does it attempt to excuse them), but as important thinkers in the foundations of modern liberal democracy, pushing such principles as equality before the law, democratic government by consent of the governed, universal literacy, and, while they often failed to properly see the humanity in other peoples, human brotherhood and human rights.
  • Villainous Valour: The cruel slaver Manuel Andry is described as acting in this manner. His slaves tried to kill him in his bed armed with axes and knives, and despite being unarmed himself he fought his way past them and escaped his plantation. Then, despite being injured, he mustered a militia of 80 other planters and ambushed Deslondes' army of 500 rebelling slaves. (A later video reexamining the revolt questions this sequence of events, noting that the only witness was Andry himself and that the physical layout of the plantation leaves more than a few questions.)
  • Visual Pun: In the video on whether or not the Confederacy had better generals than the Union, when Billy Yank concedes that that George McClellan's timid and uncertain generalship would've probably caused the Civil War to turn to the Confederates' favor had he lasted longer as commander or won the 1864 presidential election, a smug Johnny Reb asks him "How's that humble pie, Billy Yank?". It then cuts to Billy Yank tucking into an actual slice of pie, saying "It's a little dry."


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