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Animated Critic The Show is a web series produced and created by Evan Crose as a companion series to the Animated Critic Blog. The show follows a character named Evan, who is almost exactly like the creator in every way, shape and form, as he reviews cartoons, anime, and anything else animated in a web video format. From individual episodes of shows like Sponge Bob Squarepants and Girls Bravo to movies as well. The show was announced in November of 2015 and finally came out on May 27th 2016. Like the blog it's based on it we'll have a story line with various Story Arcs, except this time with different characters than the ones found on the blog. Like his talking plush Pokemon, Cyndaquil.


This is the second entry in the Animated Critic Universe, and does take place in the same continuity as the blog. If you would like the YouTube channel to view the show is here.


  • Story Arc: The show does have an ongoing story. So far it's in it's first arc.

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