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Again A Fanfic Critic, is, as his name proclaims, a fanfiction critic who does dramatic readings of fanfictions. He started off slow and steady with a few one-shot fics and a couple of short chapter fics, but it wasn't until Curse of the Demon Pony when a new friend called RegretfullyYours joined in and from here on in, the fanfictions started to be entertaining. They were later joined by another reader named ChaiLatte. The fanfictions can range from good to bad to okay.


Along with fanfictions, at one point, he did some creepypasta readings and did songs to accompany the readings before going back to fanfictions with RegretfullyYours and ChaiLatte. However, he announced on 1 November 2016 in a video that Lust for Gollum would be the final dramatic reading of a fanfic as he now regards his dramatic readings as Old Shame. That fic was eventually left incomplete and an announcement was left in the "About" section of his YouTube channel stating that he is moving on from doing fanfic readings.


Chapter Stories that Again A Fanfic Critic has read


Side Projects

One Shots

Web Comics

  • The Bear and the Pineapple
  • Twilight and Thomas Tumblr Comic

Again A Fanfic Critic's videos have provided examples of...

  • Brick Joke: In part 3 of the reading of Even The Purest Light Creates A Shadow, Again A Fanfic Critic and RegretfullyYours talk about how Gray's first grade teacher hated his Show and Tell. In the made up ending the two critics did, Davis uses that to get Gray away from the group.
  • Call-Back: A good example would be Twilight Sparkle and Thomas the Tank Engine. In the middle of the reading of Even The Purest Light Creates a Shadow, Again A Fanfic Critic and Regretfully Yours read a Tumblr comic featuring these characters in love. Then, later on, in the grand finale of the Even The Purest Light Creates A Shadow story, the two of them show up to save Davis from The Spirit of Drugs and advise Davis that his lust for Kari was wrong.
  • Crack Fic: Upset with how Even The Purest Light Creates A Shadow ended, AgainAFanficCritic and RegretfullyYours, took it upon themselves to make their own ending that wrapped up as many loose ends as they can, all while incorporating their theories that they made during their riffing, such as Megidramon's appearance being hailed like he is Satan rising from hell, Shatora being revealed to be the spirit of drugs trying to get Davis to do drugs, and ending it with the Digimon and their Destined singing the Whoville Christmas anthem.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: RegretfullyYours suffered through this in part 1 of the reading of Chapter 14 of Curse of the Demon Pony when it was revealed that Ben Mare is Celestia's adopted son. He then proceeded to go on a rant on how in JusSonic's fics, there are practically no rules and that anything could happen in Jus Sonic's particular universe.
  • Left Hanging: During Lust For Gollum, RegretfullyYours started forming an idea about the fanfic's author which he said he would elaborate on in later chapters. It is unknown what this idea was now that the series has ended.
  • Rage Quit: In the ending of Even The Purest Light Creates A Shadow, Lord Shade who is actually Etemon pulled this off the minute Megidramon got defeated by TK and Kari's True Love's kiss.
  • Remember the New Guy?: In-Universe, Paul Pasadena's appearance is this to Again A Fanfic Critic and RegretfullyYours when he suddenly appears out of nowhere in the middle of Benny Leo Johnny And Rae Meet The Slender Man.
  • Running Gag: Apparent in the later series, with Again A Fanfic Critic AND RegretfullyYours pointing out some of the flaws of the fics or even some small things in the story...
  • Shout-Out: During the reading of Ben's First Day, one of the readers starts voicing Sweetie Belle with a robot voice. This was a reference to "Sweetie Bot" from Friendship is Witchcraft.
    • In the aforementioned fanfic, there is a flashback where Celestia saves a young Ben Mare who has somehow got stuck up a shelf in the library. The reader voicing Ben voices him in a high-pitched voice when he says "Help me, Mommy!" This may be a reference to The Fly (1958), where the titular insect begs for help after getting stuck in a spider's web and is about to be eaten by a spider.
  • Song Parody: Again A Fanfic Critic did a few of these to the tune of songs from tv shows and films to accompany readings he did of creepypastas. After reading of Curse of the Demon Pony, he and RegretfullyYours did some song parodies of classic Disney and musical songs to portray the things wrong with the story and also did a couple (with ChaiLatte for one of them) in-between chapters of its sequel Ben's First Day.


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