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Hello there, looking a little pale in the face, I see. It is a shame that the virus spread so fast…there may only be a handful of us left!
Well, soon it’ll be just me. After all, I’ve constructed an antidote. One, antidote. Genius, really; Once this is gone there will be no hope for anyone else surviving. Perhaps it will be lonely, being the last of the living…or perhaps liberating. I can have the entire dead bow to my whim. The mindless often make leaders from the intelligent. I’d like that, I think, except the smell.
You want this?
Come and get it.
Jet Reaver

An Original Character Tournament about Zombies. The mysterious Jet Reaver announces to the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse that he has a single cure, and he will give it to the one who can fight his way to him. Currently in its second round.

The contest can be found here.

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