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Sometime in 1996, multiple realities crashed into our own, resulting in a mysterious fusion of both - Superheroes combined with our world, and a "Furry" universe. This event, called "The Change" quite literally changed the world forever. Ever wonder what it's like when you're going through puberty, and feel like you're becoming something different...well Winds of Change happens to make this a literal case.


The Winds of Change is a Web Original series that started on the Transformation Story Archive mailing list, and has been going on and off since then. It's a bit of a Long Runner, but there was no defined "Schedule". It also happens to contain a strong amount of Speculative Fiction elements, and stands out for presenting many of the changes as plausible. Many of the writers heavily researched the species the characters became, and presented some of the anatomical notices.

Originally a story series that expanded into a universe - it does not follow any defined "arc". A list of the stories, including the original two series can be read here.


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