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Waiting for a Miracle is a comic super villain fantasy by Zoe E Whitten.

Duggan Masters should be having the time of his life. He’s the super villain Light Master and the undisputed criminal overlord in City California. But with the disappearance of his rival, Miracle Man, Duggan is finding the luster leaving the game of crime. Put simply, crime isn’t as much fun if there’s no risk in being stopped.


Bored and looking for a way out, Duggan does the most sensible thing he can think of: he kidnaps Dr. Wallace Cornwall, psychiatrist of the superheroes, and he requests the celebrity shrink’s help in retiring from the game. What follows are Wallace’s unorthodox therapy sessions with Duggan and Leona, a slightly psychotic cat burglar. They may not be heroes, but between the three of them, they may be able to bring back Miracle Man and save City from themselves.

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