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Don't you wish you paid more attention to the environment?

Toxic OCT is an Original Character Tournament currently on its final round, a surprisingly three way race for the gold, hosted on DeviantART. The setting is basically a Garden of Evil.

The storyline is quite simple: A wide variety of characters are asked by one of four Guardians to help them to save their world from a creature named Toxen who has taken away their king. The name is a pun of the word "toxin", so his (its?) powers are quite obvious.



Fin - Guardian of Fire, and a former king

Mother - Guardian of Plants and Life

Grivor - Guardian of Earth

Aiga - Guardian of Water

Maeve - Guardian of Air

  • Bratty Half-Pint: Maeve. Shortest of the Guardians and the most immature.
  • Blow You Away: The clouds and sky bow down to this girl.
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  • Little Miss Snarker: She apparently has a bit of an attitude.

This OCT contains examples of the following tropes:

The Official Contestants


  • Creator: Artic-Moon Intro: [1]
    • Gender-Blender Name: Ethel is a 44 year old superhuman disguised as a normal business man. But Ethel is still a girl's name.
      • Although it is a codename, his original name is Jay Garfield.
      • In his defense, Ethel means "strong man" in Turkish.
    • Super Strength: His main ability.


Dot G. Kacher and Miles Lawrence

Gabija Weston


  • Creator: Kat-a-line Intro [5]
    • Berserk Button: Mistake Mycolo for a woman and you'll be dealing with one pissy mushroom.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Mycolo is definitely a jerk, but he does seem to care about others to a certain degree.
      • He saves Gabija from drowning (This is canon in Kat-A-Line's entries) and hands her off to Sa-Rang for medical treatment in exchange for a piece of mushroom from his head. Unfortunately he didn't even bother telling Sa-Rang that he was EXTREMELY poisonous and using a piece of himself for one of her potions would more than likely end up killing someone. Whoops!
    • Magic Mushroom: Mycolo's a person who's species originate from mushrooms.


Draco-Vampiress and Chase


Viola Frisk

White Liquid


Nevermind and Myren jr.

Argent and Solune



Nightly and Mr. Giggles

Gaby and Picte

Ralphonzo Lensworth


Necro and Cadi

Pogo Solvent


  • Creator: Dudumsomnium Intro [22]
    • Butt-Monkey: Locke is pretty much the epitome of bad luck. He's a big klutz and always manages to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and is often the butt of jokes. Because of this, he has just about zero self-confidence and goes into ridiculous depressive mood swings.


Shink and Bossle

Sa-rang and Pyong Hwa

Sparky and Clair



  • Creator: Nightshadered Intro [28]
    • Don Quixote: Edgar thinks that he's a knight, city where he lives is a kindgom, citizens are peasant and Grivor is a king.




Monte and Twosets


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