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There Is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns (original title being Dungeons before "insert correct user name" provided a better name) is a piece of online original fiction by Stewart92 written on Spacebattles Creative Writing. it was later also cross posted to Royal Road by Stewart92.

The story follows the adventures of a girl named Delta, who one day wakes up and discovers she's a dungeon core in a Role-Playing Game Verse. Hilarity ensues as Delta topples over the normal conventions of what a dungeon is by trying to avoid being a murder machine they usually are.


Provides examples of:

  • Bad Powers, Good People: Delta is very determined not to become a murder-machine like most dungeons. Several of the townsfolk seem to qualify as well, including a vampire who serves as Durence's nocturnal banker.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: When Delta has it out with the Spider Queen after she discovers the Queen considers love just a tool and her children nothing but pawns.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Von the Vampire Banker.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Any of the large dungeon-farming groups, who restrain dungeons from growth, feed them specific things to force their development along preferred lines, and then use them up. Delta is advised early to slay any who set foot in her without mercy.
    • There are strong indications that the Fairplay company may be a subversion of this. One of the author's comments implies a more symbiotic rather than exploitative relationship, albeit one not without complications.
  • Large Ham: Deo is this to a T, but he's so earnest about it it comes off as cute.
  • Medium Awareness:
  • No Indoor Voice: DEO IS HAPPY TO SEE YOU!! Justified, in that he is deaf, and also a very enthusiastic person.
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  • The Snark Knight: Quiss, the peacekeeper, who would be quite happy to do no work at all and lets everyone have it with both barrels. Also, Nu after his existential crisis.
  • Worldof Badass: Or town of Badasses. The town of Durence can be compared to a retirement town. A retirement town full of former adventures, heroes, villains, bards, and druids.


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