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The realm of spirits, the true world you've been learning to explore, has chaos, vibrant life, unlimited power flowing endlessly. But it also has structure, rules, a certain kind of order. The Two embody these traits for the realm. Anchors and Warlocks are liminal beings, and as such they are Mine to do with as I choose; but their basic function is to serve that balance. Warlocks bring the chaos of the spiritual world to the physical, Anchors bring the order of the physical back to the spiritual.

A work of serial fiction created by Tim Mc Laughlin and presented as multiple point-of-view blogs. The story is an urban fantasy that centers on four main sources. These are John Matteson, an amateur paranormal investigator; Jackie Veracruz, a witch; Father Benedict de Monte, a Catholic priest hunting a cult; and an unnamed narrator who has near-omniscient information on events that happen outside the knowledge of the other characters.

The story is available here, along with other resources provided by the author.—-

Tall Tales contains examples of: