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2005, Poznań. A young, talented filmmaker buys his first animation program.

The rest is history.

Okay, that's not a good description. Start again.

Stars in Black started out as a self-teaching project of Stanisław Mąderek (website: ), a young, talented (and aware of it) director/cameraman/music-maker/actor/etc, who wanted to make sci-fi movies. Just like Star Wars! As Mąderek is definitely One of Us and his budget was essencially what he had left in his pocket, the result is 4 minutes long trailer of a movie we all know, but have never seen. See it here.


Later on, as a part of a filmmaking workshop on a convention, Staszek (helped by the convention people) made a sequel (see here), afterwards he filmed a slightly less silly (but more actiony) advertisement for educational CDs (here), and has been, for some years, engaging in a bigger project: a full-lenght whacky sci-fi movie, which didn't come out in 2016. Fingers crossed?

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