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Spangooner is an absurd and increasingly confusing channel on YouTube started in 2015 that kind of makes music. That's about the most concrete thing about it. Most of the music is presented through nonsensical bleep-bloop sounds, often interlaced with heavy slamming noises and disturbing cacophonies. In actuality, Spangooner is a Dada art project designed to be confusing, upsetting, and generally unwatchable.


Common themes include text-to-speech vocalization, robots, and frequent mentions of rats.

Four albums have been released so far; "5p@ng00n3r", "Long Live the New Flesh", "Vessel", and "Spangooner Does the Punk" (a cover album of classic punk songs from various artists).

A sort-of cooking show called "Cooking with Vessel" was also featured on the channel. Heavy on the Stylistic Suck, even more so than normal. Those videos have since been unlisted.

The channel can be found here [1]. Has its own wiki [2].


Spangooner contains examples of:

  • Arc Words: "Long Live the New Flesh has "Help me. Help me be human.".
  • Bilingual Bonus: "Introduction to Pain" contains a muted track in Gratuitous Latin that loosely translates to "god is dead, war is forever".
  • Bold Inflation: HEAVEN and SKELETON GAMEPLAY.
  • Indecisive Medium: Is this a Web Original? Is it actually just surrealist Music? It's sort of impossible to tell.
  • Jump Scare: "Insurmountable" is considerably louder than the song that comes before it on "Long Live the New Flesh". Made even worse by the fact that it starts with a Scare Chord.
  • Mind Screw: Good lord, all of it. There isn't a single second of any song or video that doesn't mess with your head.
  • Nightmare Face: Spangooner loves this. Almost every face on the video thumbnails is a distorted, robotic, Uncanny Valley monstrosity. This includes Spangooner itself, which, if it's profile picture is anything to go by, takes the form of a red dog with a deformed human face.
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  • Retcon: Cooking With Vessel, along with assorted other videos, was removed from the channel.
  • Shout-Out: Numerous.
    • "Long Live the New Flesh" is a reference to David Cronenberg and Videodrome.
    • "A Fly Arrives on a Wall" and "EXistenZial" have names and lyrics alluding to The Fly and EXistenZ, respectively.
    • The cover art for "Long Live the New Flesh" features a drawing of Beerus from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
    • The cover for "5p@ng00n3r" shows Bonzi Buddy inside the eyes of the Asada Project child-like robot.
    • "crawling in my synthetic robot skin by Linked In pork" shows a Terminator head on top of a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog (drawn in 'Sanic' style).
    • "Introduction to Pain" has a Red Khezu from Monster Hunter alongside the 'Le Funny Banana Man' meme.
  • Stylistic Suck: A hallmark of the channel.
    • "Cooking With Vessel" takes this Up to Eleven with the terrible camera quality, constant low hissing sound, zero effort editing, and occasionally an offscreen flashlight serving as lighting.
  • Squick: "Cooking With Vessel" often features Vessel haphazardly throwing food (and often, inedible objects) into a disgusting concoction and then attempting to stomach it. Often compounded with Surreal Horror when he goes into a trance-like state of consumption.
  • Surreal Horror: Some tracks definitely cross into this territory. HEAVEN[3] especially.

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