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Smegolia is a conworld created by Tommy T.. The main plot of Smegolia stars with a deity known as First God A.K.A. Good God. Good God got bored of just exsting by himself, so He created Smegolia, slowly building it up to Earth-like conditions in a 700 year period. Then he created a second deity to act as a guide and friend, He is known as Second God A.K.A. Bad God. After creating Him, he gave him half of the ownership of Smegolia. Evrything was fine and dandy until Bad God betrayed Good God and took full ownership of Smegolia and corrupted it and life on it.


At the time of writing, Smegolia is far from complete. It can be found here:

Tropes Found In Smegolia Include:

  • Ascended to Carnivorism: Alot of animals and creatures are turned in carnivores after Bad God corrupted Smegolia and it's inhabitants. Type 2 Vampires and wherebeasts also.
  • Flat World: Smegolia is a flat world with a firmament enclosing it.
  • God: First God/Good God, at least at the start and end of Smegolia.
  • God of Evil: Bad God, obviously.
  • God of Good: Good God, also obviously
  • Ocean Punk: Most of Smegolia is covered in water.
  • Our Goblins Are Different: Smegolians are around the same size of a goblin, at 2 1/2 feet. But what sets them appart are their less goblinly looks, skin tones and diet(mostly herbivorous).
  • Science Fantasy: Best describes the blend of mythology and science that is the Smegoliaverse.

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