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Seven Realms: The Awakening is a homebrew 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign, created and presided over by troper Dracis. The events of the adventure are recorded as a Story After-Action Report on the Tumblr blog of Deluxeloy, who plays Lobott Notmorgan.

Like many such tales, Seven Realms begins in a little village, where several adventurous individuals just happen to meet. Vaessarel Svernaujir Vakarian, half-dragon princess of Corvel, has fled the palace after a coup in the aftermath of her royal father's death. Othar Banos, half-orc paladin to the god of light and wisdom, has pledged himself as her companion. Lobott Notmorgan, a druidic golem, is wandering west after the death of his creator. Crowe, a petty thief trapped in a scarecrow's body, comes up from the south, on the run from the witch who put him there. And from the north comes a merchant caravan transporting, among other things, the blue anthropomorphic lion and wild mage Zyce, as well as the minotaur barbarian Orion, who signed on as a mercenary guard.


And then, as if the day wasn't weird enough for Caladale, a horde of skeletons attacks.

One bone-smashing battle later, a determined Princess Vaessarel rallies her fellow warriors to join her in an adventuring party to get to the bottom of this matter. Someone summoned the skeletons, and she intends to find them and bring them to justice. Thus begins the adventure!

Seven Realms provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Dem Bones: The skeleton soldiers raised by the Dragonsbone necromancers.
  • Mordor: Saesurnu, the Realm of Fire, is full of active volcanoes. Though a good portion of the kingdom is quite lush and hospitable, the Blasted Plains to the north definitely fit the trope.

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