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Rumble Fest is an OCT that is held on the Nothing Personal forums. It is run by Ben "Beanjamish" Fleuter of Parallel Dementia and Derelict fame.

The plot is that Rumblefest is that there is an annual, pan dimensional tournament run by a mysterious organisation known as the Supervisors. Originating as the Rumpatious Circle of Gentleman's Fisticuffs Festival in the 1800s, what came to be known as Rumble-Fest has provided quality fights for a massive audience throughout the generations!


Maintained by the enigmatic Supervisors and paid for by various corporate sponsors, Rumble-Fest takes place every year in different locations. The tournament is open to those from any walk of life - be they trained boxers, soldiers, thugs, or wizards and robots brought in from other dimensions with the Supervisors' patented portal technology. No form of violence is off-limits in Rumble-Fest – though typically non-lethal is preferred, lest future competitors be discouraged.

Competitors enter for various reasons. Some have a sponsor themselves, some simply want the fame or cash prize. Still others have special problems the Rumble-Fest Association and the Supervisors can help winners with – such as black marks on records that need removal, lost persons that need finding.

Rumblefest is currently in it's second "season", with a slew of new and returning competitors.


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