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Rostered On is an Australian comedy web series directed and written by Ryan Chamley and produced by Robot Army. The series was launched with a pilot episode on 4 April 2016 and a full series began exactly a year later on 4 April 2017. Episodes will be made available weekly on a Tuesday through Facebook and YouTube.

The show looks at the problems and issues that retail workers face at work, from sales targets, rude customers and difficult managers. In early 2017 the show was heavily promoted through Facebook and YouTube, including the release of an extended trailer.


Shot in a mockumentary style, the series comes from the point of view of Shaun (Paul Moore), a worker who is frustrated by the rules of the faceless corporation Electroworld and the demanding customers. In addition to Shaun, the main cast includes Doug Lyons as Adam, Ronn Kurtz as Winston, Diana Brumen as Beeanka, Susie Kazda as Sarah, Jack Garnett as Darren, Stephen Francis as Gary, Lliam Murphy as Brett and Tara Vagg as Tess. It was filmed at a Betta Home Living store in Geelong, Victoria and features mostly local actors.

Links to the Rostered On YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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