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On 2010, Aitor Molina wanted to make a Web Animation series. Since he didn't know how to start, did an anthology parody of three horror films and was called "The Halloween Revenge I". Since there, every year a collaboration with other Web Original creators is required, mostly on Halloween.

The Halloween Revenge started as vaguely connected animated specials, anthological parodies with characters by the animators. Continuity didn't make much sense until in 2013, "The Halloween Revenge IV" (Infernals & Lemons) was the first Massive Multiplayer Crossover with story between Aitor Molina Vs., Retropokon, Pesadillas Del Infierno and some things that weren't picked-up. This created a Shared Universe called 'Revengeverso', which covers storylines of all the involved shows.

On 2015, some subplots were too hard to follow or relevant stories were cancelled. The third year anniversary special established a new continuity to erase those problems and make the stories more stand-alone.


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