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WARNING: Please do not take this video too seriously, it's mainly a joke video, also, to avoid any confusion and any arguments, PLEASE watch until the end, I hope you enjoy the video!
Quackity's message at the beginning of his ____ SUCKS!!!! Videos. It doesn't work.

Quackity, formerly QuackityHQ (real name Alexis or more often, Alex) is a YouTuber who used to be known for his Toontown Online videos, and later began to shoot in (in)famy with his "____ SUCKS!!!!" series of joke videos, where he often fools around with the games he plays. He later became known for his raids on Roblox and Club Penguin Island.

He is currently an active member of Dream SMP (see his character's page on the roleplay server here). He has also made multiple guest appearances on TommyInnit's series The Funniest Minecraft Videos Ever, and has participated in multiple iterations of the Minecraft Championship.



  • Affectionate Parody: He sometimes plays a character called Mexican Dream in Minecraft, who parodies fellow Minecraft YouTuber Dream as a Funny Foreigner and all the stereotypes that come with being Mexican, e.g. being addicted to drugs and speaking in Gratuitous Spanish.
  • Animal Motifs: Ducks, given his screen name and Toontown avatar.
  • Artifact Title: The HQ part of his initial screen name has been dropped for a while now.
  • Auto-Tune: Frequently uses autotune for fun.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Quackity is Mexican and occasionally speaks Spanish in his videos. He even has another channel dedicated to his Spanish-speaking audience.
  • Cats Are Mean: Downplayed. Tiger, Quackity's pet cat, most likely has a nice streak from what Quackity says about him, but he also clawed Quackity in the face on stream once, and deeply enough for it to bleed and leave a scar.
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  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: He is often seen as one in his Minecraft appearances, with his multitude of alternate personas and highly unorthodox ideas, and also flirting in-universe with a lot of different people and a dragon at one point. In fact, according to an ambiguously-canonical livestream on the Dream SMP, his 'idea' of couple's therapy is essentially a divorce court where he decides whether the couple should stay together or break up.
  • Cool People Rebel Against Authority: His most famous raids involved defying the mods.
  • Cute Kitten: His cat, Tiger, whom Q has cooed at and showed off in several of his livestreams.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Received a 3-day ban from Roblox? Why, just raid the forums with the fanbase!
  • Evil Overlord: Mickey Mouse is often portrayed as this by both Quackity and his fanbase.
  • Four Is Death: At least 4 attacks were made during the Animal Jam raid.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: He peppers his speech with Spanish words and is sometimes prone to foreign language tirades in Spanish. Justified by the fact that he's Mexican.
  • Irony: He's a YouTuber renowned for being a chaotic troll on the Internet... and is also a straight-A law student in real life.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: He has a cat called Tiger and once even told Tiger that he'd be giving the cat his channel when he died.
  • It's Personal:
    • His beef with Roblox intensified after he received a 3-day ban.
    • He has a grudge with Disney, portraying their mascot Mickey Mouse as an Evil Overlord.
  • Large Ham: By virtue of being one of the "Feral Boys" (alongside Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Karl Jacobs, or so many fans call them), a video or livestream involving him tends to become increasingly dramatic and chaotic.
  • Nice Hat: In most of his appearances with facecam, he is seen wearing a beanie hat, to the point that a "hair reveal" is a memetic request within his fanbase.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: During THE DISCORD PAINTING COMPETITION, Quackity comes across a painting that had minimal effort into it... and yet it people somehow voted yes for it. Quackity then stated that anything that "looked like shit" is disqualified from that point.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname:
    • He is known to some as "Big Q" (courtesy of TommyInnit) or just "Q".
    • Even in the capacity of his real life name, most people prefer to call him "Quackity" or "Alex Quackity", and occasionally "Alex", but rarely his full given name.
  • Operator from India: One of his old Running Gags involved him calling tech support from India.
  • Poe's Law: Sometimes his "____ SUCKS!!!!" series of videos are seen as Satire. Sometimes it's not.
  • The Problem with Pen Island: This appears to be a Running Gag with his appearances on various Minecraft servers. His faction on SMP Earth directly employed this trope, being named Pen Island, and several of the characters he plays in Tales From the SMP, a spin-off of the Dream SMP, have names based around lewd puns, including and not limited to a Lower-Class Lout named Drew P. Wiener and a bandit named Jack Kanoff.
  • Serial Escalation: His "Roblox Sucks" series begins with him poking fun at the game and its less-than-stellar community, and ends with the Roblox forums being shut down.
    • This video elaborates a bit more: the account he was using for the series, "quackityishot", was banned after a series of forum raids that he and his subscribers conducted, prompting another raid on the forums to get the account unbanned. The official Roblox Twitch account was watching the stream and banned all accounts that the chat gave him to use (one ban notice even says "Do not continue to stream forum raiding on Twitch"). After his IP is blocked from accessing their site, Quackity tries calling Roblox's customer service number, and is quickly hung up on. He then tries the Canadian number and gets a sex hotline. Quackity eventually gets back on the site via, and checks the forums to find the raid still going strong. He tries logging back in as quackityishot and sees that the admins flat-out deleted the account, eventually culminating in Quackity's Twitch channel being temporarily suspended and the forums receiving an additional filter: you couldn't post unless your account was over two years old.
      Steel Penguin (in the comments): Wow. Even the admins of Roblox are toxic.
    • The next video ups the ante even more: not only was "Quackity" censored on the forums prior to the raid, his undercover account was deleted and his IP was blocked within minutes of the stream starting. was used again to bypass the IP ban, and more donor accounts were used (though these typically lasted under a minute before getting banned and deleted). People told Quackity that Roblox admin "InceptionTime" was watching the stream — he ends up blocking Quackity on Twitter after he attempts to reason with the unruly admin. The forum filter is upped from two years to thirteen years, and Roblox began taking down games and models that were in some way themed around the raids. Throughout the whole clusterfuck, Quackity keeps corpsing and saying that this would all stop if quackityishot were unbanned.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: He's quite prone to using foul language in videos, and apparently, according to the Discord WordCount bot, the two words he used at the highest frequency at one point were "fucking" and "fuck".
  • Suddenly Voiced: While QuackityHQ was known for his Text-to-speech voices in his videos, his actual voice came out during around 2016, and has been shying away from his Text-to-speech voice ever since, but it does make an reappearance once in a while.
  • Troll: Oooh yes. His "____ SUCKS!!!!" series of videos often take an ironic and mocking approach, and it shows.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Any given raid is this in general, but Quackity has a talent for getting a game's administrators to bend the rules in an attempt to stop the raid. Of particular note:
      • His first Roblox raid was the first really big one. It started as a simple raid on the forums, which seemed harmless enough. Then Quackity ends up eating a three-day ban for his troubles, which prompted the stream's viewers to up the ante on the raid by going even harder on the attack. Before long, the admins were revealed to be watching the stream, and Quackity promised that if his account were unbanned, he would call off the raid (and most of the viewers would agree to do so). Rather than cede to the condition, the admins proceeded to censor any mention of Quackity's Roblox username, slapped a two-week ban on the new account he was supplied with (with a warning telling him to cease streaming the raid altogether), and failing that, outright IP banned him. Although Quackity would circumvent the IP ban, he returned to the website to find out that his original account was deleted, and when he attempted to call the Canadian support number, he discovered it had been changed to a porn hotline. Through all of this, his viewers continued to raid the forums, and the strain on the servers was so great that the forums were taken offline. This would culminate in the Roblox administration getting Quackity's Twitch channel suspended as he was taking aim at the official Roblox Twitter account. To add insult to injury, when the forums came back online, they had implemented a two year filter, which meant users whose accounts were less than two years old couldn't post on the forums.
      • His second Roblox raid would turn into a much bloodier affair, as the admins clearly remembered the last raid. Whereas Quackity's previous raid was meant to signal to the forum moderators that they shouldn't be so strict about what's posted on "All Things Roblox", this raid was meant to be a more simple, lighthearted affair. Things quickly took a turn when, once again, Roblox censored any mention of "Quackity" on the forum, then deleted his account again and quickly IP banned him in the span of six minutes; this time, he hadn't even done anything to warrant a ban. Naturally, this stirred the hornet's nest; Quackity quickly went about bypassing the IP ban and tried getting back on the forums using accounts his viewers were sending him...and most of these accounts ended up getting deleted less than a minute after he logged in. InceptionTime, the game's developer relations manager, would go on to block him without even allowing him to broker some kind of deal, and the admins were going on a banning spree, banning and deleting accounts if they so much as even mentioned Quackity. This would lead to Roblox instilling another two year filter to stop the influx of spam on the forums, which would quickly be extended to a thirteen year filter note  that effectively killed any and all activity on the forums. The lowlight of their attempts to crush the raid eventually led to the admins to delete a shrine dedicated to Quackity and ban the associated user for it, despite neither the shrine being inappropriate in the slightest, nor the user in question being associated with the raid at all. Ultimately, this would lead to the permanent shutdown of the forums a year later, likely in an attempt to pave over the effects of the raid, but by then, the damage had long since been done and Quackity's raids on Roblox would be the events that would shoot him into super-stardom.
    • His two raids on Club Penguin Island is where the shit truly hit the fan and the point where Quackity's fame exploded exponentially.
      • The first raid was planned with the idea to activate their free membership trials, in turn giving said users a Mike Wazowski costume that would be used to identify fellow raiders. Just a couple of hours before the raid began, Disney attempted to nix the raid before it could begin by disabling the free trials to discourage it. Despite this, many of the raiders countered this by simply making their penguin a similar shade of green to Mike, and in turn, essentially giving the raid renewed purpose. The various server rooms would quickly reach capacity (rooms in Club Penguin Island were rarely full compared to the original game), which lead to the servers crashing frequently because the game wasn't equipped to handle such a massive influx of players (not surprising since over eight-thousand people were trying to log in). The team behind the game went on damage control and assured players that free trials were still enabled and had always been enabled (clearly a lie as they had been disabled right before the raid was scheduled to start) while going on a banning spree to clear out the raiders. Naturally, this failed to do anything to deter the raid from stopping, but eventually Quackity ended the raid before any real damage could be done.
      • The real havoc — and the defining incident in the game's history — came with the second raid conducted later the same year. This time, the raid was centered around demanding pants for the poor and ugly; essentially another way of saying it's a protest toward the aggressive monetization of the game. Before the raid could even properly begin, the servers were already being put under tremendous strain thanks to nearly thirty-thousand people trying to log in for the raid. As Quackity would reveal a little later into the stream, Disney had already fired a shot across the bow by censoring, of all the words they could possibly censor, "pants", which many found to be ludicrous. While it was an obvious attempt to kill the raid, Quackity instead focused on telling his viewers to start saying "biss" to bypass the word filter, and would soon use the word as the basis for the now (in)famous #BISSONMICKEY hashtag, which got big enough to trend on Twitter. In response, Disney went as far as to completely shut off the in-game chat in another bid to stop the raiders, and eventually, the game apparently stalled out again, preventing players from logging on. However, when Quackity finally re-entered the game, he went to look at the servers...only to find that Disney purged most of the raiders en masse during the game's blackout, which immediately invited comparisons to Thanos' famous fingersnap. On top of that, people were getting banned from the game's Twitter page in a similar fashion...and in response to such an action, the raiders proceeded to flood the servers as quickly and massively as possible, which once again put an extreme amount of stress on the servers, it ended up having the side effect of breaking the server counters (the servers showed up as if all of them were empty despite plenty of evidence to the contrary). In essence, Quackity ended the raid showing up a multi-billion dollar entertainment conglomerate and utterly breaking their game in half.
    • Perhaps the mother of all Wham Episodes so far has to be Quackity's raid on Animal Jam. Much like Club Penguin Island before it, the Animal Jam administration caught wind of the raid some time before it began, but unlike the other games Quackity has raided, Animal Jam went the extra mile and edited their Frequently Asked Questions to address concerns about the raid so that their players wouldn't worry about the game potentially being shut down. Compared to previous moderation, Animal Jam was already directing a fierce offensive against the raid, not only prohibiting any mention of Quackity's name, but banning the word "quack" (in a game where you play as animals) and even the letter Q, then going on to censor the various ways in which the raiders could say "piss" (and later "urine", often doing so in less than thirty seconds, which would eventually lead to the moderators restricting Quackity's chat privileges to strictly private chat for a month, and then followed upon that with an IP ban not long afterward (the site was stuck on a white screen and refused to load, which Quackity took as an IP ban). They even went so far as to forbid the usage of the "owo" emoticon (often used by furries in a risque context, but still...). During all of this, Quackity was managing to get several hashtags off the ground to combat and protest against Animal Jam; of the four hashtags he created, three of them (#DuckRights, #PISSONANIMALJAM, #duckYOUanimaljam) got big enough to trend worldwide, the last of which resulted in his IP ban being lifted. To cap the raid off, the raiders would invade the Jammer Wall (essentially the game's forum, so to speak) and effectively break it by spamming "Victory Royale" to celebrate their victory over the Animal Jam moderators. Needless to say, the raid proved to many that even with how heavily they fought back against the raid, Quackity's fanbase proved they could still go toe-to-toe with even the fiercest of moderators.
  • Wham Line:
    • Expect this to usually be said whenever the moderators start taking action against the raid, and expect a lot of chaos to erupt after these. In particular:
  • Whole Plot Reference: The Club Penguin Island raid might be one towards Avengers: Infinity War.


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