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Paradise Violated is an online, sci-fi CYOA by End Master, author of Eternal, and found on the website ChooseYourStory.

The reader plays as the commander of what is essentially a scouting unit for the Terran Empire. The story takes place on Paradise, a planet of hostile natives, ancient treasures, and rival empires and alliances that have their own ideas for Paradise.

Tropes in Paradise Violated include:


  • Artificial Intelligence: The captain discovers an A.I. was created by Xont as a representation of the extinct Gequek civilization.
  • The Empire: The Terran Empire, which has been making great expansions throughout space.
  • Lawful Stupid: Lieutenant LaFleur, whom the captain has to remind that the regulations are flexible and not always the best way to do things on Paradise.
  • Lizard Folk: The native inhabitants of Paradise are simply referred to as Lizards by the protagonist.
  • Lost Technology: The Xont are a semi-mythical people that supposedly had powerful and highly advanced technology. They did, and they had it on Paradise.
  • Military Brat: LaFleur is from a military family and is only on Paradise because of his father's expectations.